7 Ways You Can Heal from an Emotional Wound

Lola was heart broken; she had been in a relationship with a guy for 8 years and all of a sudden he was not interested again. He said they were not compatible.

This sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Where will she start from?

How is she going to bounce back from such an experience? How can she heal from this emotional wound?

Will she ever forget such an ordeal?

Just like Lola, there are also other people out there who find it difficult moving past this phase of their lives.

Here are some ways you can heal from an emotional wound.

Cry it out:

7 Ways You Can Heal from an Emotional Wound

I strongly believe in this ideology and whenever I am hurt; before doing anything else, I lock myself up in the bathroom and I have a good cry.

Crying doesn’t imply that you are weak; it just shows that you are human and have feelings.

To heal from an emotional wound, you need to admit that something happened to you and if you are able to cry about it, it means you have acknowledged that.

Crying helps release the pain and anger you may feel.

It won’t make what happened go away but you will feel a little bit better after crying.

If you can express how you feel by shedding tears, you are one step away from healing.

Love yourself:

To heal from an emotional wound, you must love yourself.

A lot of people blame themselves whenever they are heart broken but this shouldn’t be.

What happened might have been your fault but why make yourself feel worse?

What you should do is to learn from it and move on.

Loving yourself will help reduce the guilt you feel and build confidence and self esteem.

If you cannot love yourself, no one will.

Face reality:

If you are emotionally down, you need to be realistic and face the world.

Know that life must go on and not remain static.

The sooner you understand that you should move on, the better for you.

It is only when you continue your life you will be able to explore new opportunities.

Read books:

7 Ways You Can Heal from an Emotional Wound

At times, reading helps one understand things better.

There are times your thoughts are all muddled up and you can’t filter them. When this happens, what you need to do is fill your mind with good thoughts.

There are so many good books you can read to help you heal from an emotional wound.

These books are online and are very informative.

Seek counsel:

At times, it is good to open up and talk to someone.

Talking about it helps ease the tension you feel.

It also helps you understand better what happened and opens up your mind to see things more clearly.

Bottling up feelings will only make you feel terrible so try sharing your problems with someone.

Distract yourself:

7 Ways You Can Heal from an Emotional Wound

One way to heal from an emotional wound is to seriously distract yourself.

Hang out with friends, watch movies, and go to the cinemas. The main important thing is not to be by yourself in this hard time.

When you are alone, lots of thoughts will cloud your mind. But if you are surrounded by people, you will be distracted.

Distraction may not make you forget totally but it will help ease your sad mood.

Do away with anything that will remind you of him or her:

To heal from an emotional wound, you should discard anything that will bring back memories of that person.

You need to physical do this so that your emotional and mental state can adjust to this.

Tear photos, delete messages and photos, and delete contact details. If you can boldly do this, you will heal faster than you can imagine.

For these tips listed above to work, you must make an effort to ensure it does.

I wish you all the best as you try to heal from the emotional wound you feel.

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