8 Silly Mistakes Women make when they are in Love

Relationships and the issue of love can be so complicated at times and being in love is a different ball game entirely and I am sure you will agree with me that falling in love changes a person’s personality over time.

When men and women fall in love, they act differently and react differently to situations.

From experience, I have come to realise that when women are in love, they do so with everything they have.

One thing women fail to realise is that when they are in love, they make silly mistakes which they ought to avoid completely.

Those silly mistakes are:

Thinking the other person is also in love with you:

This is one of the silly mistakes women make when in love.

I do not think it is right to assume that the person you are in love with also feels the same way about you.

Often times, women think the level of love they feel is also the same as that of the other person which may not be so.

Although certain signs may make you feel so but do not conclude in your heart that you are both in love with each other.

Doing everything to please whom you are in love with:

A lot of ladies can go the extra mile for a man they are in love with but most of the time, men take such women for granted.

This is one of the silly mistakes women make just because they are in love and they do this to their detriment.

What ever happened to making yourself happy?

Being too needy:

Any woman who is madly in love with any man will surely demand his attention at all times.

If a man sees that you cannot live or do without him, he will not have any respect for you and will treat you anyhow.

This is one of the commonest of all the silly mistakes women make when in love.

Thinking the world revolves around him or her:

8 Silly Mistakes Women make when they are in Love

This is surely one of the silly mistakes women in love make that leaves them disappointed.

If you are so much in love and all you do is think only of that person then you might be in for a surprise.

This is because if you focus all your energy on just that one person, you might regret it in the long run.

Neglecting the warning signs:

When a woman is in love, she may overlook some certain warning signs that might be helpful to her.

Often times, being in love tends to make one blind to other important matters.

Everything he does seems perfect to you but you are indirectly oblivious of certain attitudes he might have.

Spending all you have on him:

8 Silly Mistakes Women make when they are in Love

Spending all you have on him is one of the silly mistakes a woman in love can ever make.

Not only does it make you look desperate, it also shows that you don’t have plans for your money.

If a man knows he can always get money from you, he will certainly do things that will appeal to your emotion so you can give him what he wants.

But doing this all in the name of love is one big mistake you”ll ever make because you will regret your actions later in life.

Trusting him too much:

Falling in love with someone and wholeheartedly trusting him without thinking twice might not be a good thing for you.

If you trust him so much without being sure of who he really is, you might be alone one day having no one to confide in.

Telling him all your secrets:

If you say you are in love with someone and end up revealing all your secrets to him, you might be making a big mistake.

This is because he may not be someone you can trust.

Falling in love is good and wonderful but be careful so you do not make silly mistakes some women make.

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