8 Eccentric Traits To Look Out For In Your Partner Before You Say “I do”

You may be wondering what I mean by this topic right? Some people think all they need in a relationship is love but I do not think so. I am sure you’ll agree with me that getting married to someone is one of the greatest decision you’ll ever have to make in life. This is because once you’re in it, you have to do all you can to make it work if you start having problems. So rather than waiting to have those issues, why don’t you look out for those important traits your partner should possess before tying the knot?

The 8 eccentric traits to look out for in your partner are:


If you say you love someone then you should be able to go all the way for that person. If you discover that your partner is selfless in nature towards you then that is a good thing. If he/she is more concerned about making you happy before him/herself then that is true love. This trait is unique and necessary in every relationship because of certain situations that may arise. One piece of advice though is that you should never take this trait for granted rather appreciate your partner for this.

Active listener:

8 Eccentric Traits To Look Out For In Your Partner Before You Say I do

There’s nothing more important than having someone listen to you when you are down. There are certain times you just feel like pouring out your heart. If your partner is always there to hear you out without complaining then this is good. It shows he/she can be relied upon.

He/she believes in your dreams:

If you have dreams you want to pursue and have someone who believes in you and encourages you to strive harder then that is good. If you see this trait in your partner, then he/she is a keeper.

He/she loves spending time with you:

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There are times people need their alone time but if your partner would rather spend all his/her free time with you than hang out with friends, then that is good. It shows he/she cares more about you than others.

He/she is interested in your family:

If you notice your partner is interested in knowing members of your family and doesn’t shy away from visiting then that is also good. This trait is important as you need the approval of members of the family before finally tying the knot. What better way to bond with them than to visit?

He/she is a giver:

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There are various ways of showing you care. Buying gifts, taking one out, going shopping etc are some of those ways. Anyone in a relationship should have this trait. Show your partner they mean a lot to you.

He/she expresses their love:

8 Eccentric Traits To Look Out For In Your Partner Before You Say I do (4)

If you say you love someone, do not assume they should know. Always reassure them by telling them often. If your partner doesn’t hesitate to tell you how he feels about you, you feel on top of the world, right? This trait should not be missing in any partner.

He/she prays and fears God:

You’ll agree with me that every relationship today needs the intervention of God to make it work well. If your partner believes in God and doesn’t have a problem serving God then that is good. This trait is really important.

Have you now digested the traits listed above? Does your partner have any or all of it? Do you now know what to look out for in your partner before saying “I do?”

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