Is The Guy You’re Interested In Too Slow For You? Learn Why Now!

Is The Guy You’re Interested In Too Slow For You? Learn Why Now!

This is a reader’s question recently, though I have been able to provide her with the best answer but I found it worthy sharing such vital information to help other ladies to know why some guys’ movement in approach a lady take them some time before they finally approach you.

Is The Guy You’re Interested In Too Slow For YouHere comes her question;

Hi Anthony,

I have been in a relationship for about 5 month plus now, but it seems my guy move really slowly. I asked him why his action to me seems slower than I expected and he told me this. He said, he has noticed me 2 years back as both of us are working in the same building but different organization, he said he always look out for me whenever he’s on break or before and after his closing hour.

And one day he just had to take the bold step and say hi to me and since then we’ve been together till now

I asked him why it take him up to 2 years before he can come up to me, he told me further that, he doesn’t like making hasty decision that will later hurt him especially when it is the issue of the heart. He went further and said, he just want to be sure of exactly what he wants because he’s been hurt in the past and that’ is the reason why he’s holding back.

The program you recommended for me  “Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever” started me thinking on do I want to commit to this guy, if he’s like this in our relationship now how will this be if he ever asks me to get married?

What I would like to know is that… am I wasting my time with this guy or is he just really slow?

Thanks, Clara.

Here comes the best response that will also help you in your relationship or in search for the ideal man.

Hello Clara, it is sure you’re dating a kind of guy that is slower and quiet. Guy like this has there merit and demerit although depending on what you really want in relationship but most of them are very good partner I can assure you of that.

Here is slower movement guy’s merit;

Guys that take their time to be sure if a particular lady is what they want are usually stable both emotionally and financially. For some people, this is a big advantage, which mean you just get to be dynamic, whirlwind person and he provides the grounding for that, you’ll not be contending with him for attention, either.

Additionally, a man that’s slow to approach because he wants to be sure can be quite a pleasure in the bedroom, he will take and ensure he get you where you want to go.

Where there might be problem is;

Some women don’t like guys that take forever to make a move, they seem too slower for them and it make them get frustrated having to wait on such man that may not at the end of day approach them. You can see the frustration and that account for why, they just move on because they are not sure of his thinking, they’ve got no time to waste, and they need someone to commit to in a short time frame.

The truth is that, men secretly crave for commitment and marriage and in Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever, you will be taught how to turn that craving into a truly primal need.

Guys that follow this part of approach are usually happy for you to lead on making moves, all you just need to do is to be sure to communicate responsively and plainly on the important matter. This mean you just have to know exactly what you want from him and with him and make everything clear. [Read; 20 Confirm Signs That Show That A Man Is In Love With You]

More importantly, when it comes to commitment with slow-paced man, just let him know of your time frame in that relationship, if you want to get married let say within the first year both of you started dating, let him just be aware of it but not in a threatening way.

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  1. Good point! I don’t trust men who are confident too much and approach girls like they did it million times before. If you want to build a serious and stable relationship, it always better when the things happen slowly.

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