7 Silly Mistakes Men make when a Woman is in Love with them

It is very evident that when it comes to love, a woman can give her life for the man she loves.

I sometimes feel like it is one weakness women have in relationships but when you really think about it, it is just who we are.

Some men sometimes take this gesture of love for granted and thus treat such women the way they like.

There are usually mistakes men make when they realise that a woman is head over heels in love with them.

These mistakes men make sometimes makes them lose someone who would have been a good match for them.

It is therefore best to know what those mistakes are because the truth is that some men act that way without even knowing that they are. Knowing what they are would save you a lot of trouble someday.

They are:

Not believing her:

When a man doesn’t trust a woman, he will not believe anything she does.

This is one of the great mistakes men make which makes them miss out on someone who is true.

If a woman loves you and you begin to doubt that love, that is the beginning of trouble for you.

This is because if you do not believe her that means your heart is not open to receive love.

Treating her like trash:

This is one of the mistakes men make and at times they treat women who love them as if they do not matter.

When a woman loves a man it means she appreciates him but men tend to take that love for granted and thus treat them as unimportant.

Acting like you have no feelings for her:

Some men put up this kind of attitude with women that love them because they want to impose their manly nature on them.

Men therefore behave like they have no atom of love for them because they feel they have received too much love from them.

This show of affection women portray may seem overbearing to such men and this is why they act like this.

Placing more importance on other women:

7 Silly Mistakes Men make when a Woman is in Love with them

it is often said that you tend to know the importance of someone or something when you lose it.

So when a woman expresses her love to the man she loves, he doesn’t see it as important and so tends to show more appreciation to other women.

These women may not even show much love to them but these are the women men place more value on.

Neglecting her:

7 Silly Mistakes Men make when a Woman is in Love with them

A man might not consider the feelings of the woman who is in love with him and this is one of the many mistakes men make.

If you neglect her and the feelings she has for you, with time the love might face out and you may never experience that kind of love from any other woman.

Acting like she is a burden to you:

7 Silly Mistakes Men make when a Woman is in Love with them

Many men make the mistake of behaving like the woman who loves them is disturbing them and this attitude is enough to put off any woman.

When a man acts like this, it easily discourages any woman from showing more love.

Not reciprocating the love:

Women do not like it when the man they are in love with does not reciprocate the love and when a man doesn’t show you that he loves you back, it can make a woman feel bad.

This is one of the mistakes men make and it is still happening today. Who says only a woman can fall in love? Men also do fall in love.

We are all bound to make mistakes but some mistakes are sillier than others and men ought to know the silly mistakes they make when affection is shown to them by women.

The mistakes mentioned in this write up are real and happening in the lives of men.

Which of these mistakes have you committed of recent? Care to share?

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