Should I Show Love To My Partner Aggressively or Passively? 7 Thoughts On How To Express Love In Your Relationship

One of the driving force in any relationship is love and what makes love meaningful is when it is expressed.

Often times, people in relationships are confused over how they should express love.

If you dish out too much love, it’s usually a problem and if you show little love, there is also a problem with that so how then should one express love towards their partner?

Some people are die hard lovers while some are just in between so where do you actually draw the line?

How much love is really enough in any relationship? Well, here are my thoughts on this.

Do not act like without love in your life, you will die:

This is one mindset people have that affects them. This is the reason why there are so many people now who commit suicide in the name of love.

People lose their lives because they got jilted and heart broken and this is because they were so much in love with someone. Think about this; what would happen to you if you were not in a relationship? Wouldn’t you still live your life?

Being in love is very good but when it becomes detrimental to your life, it becomes bad.

Express love to your partner like you would to yourself and not overboard.

Do not force love:

When a guy likes a girl, he can do anything to make her like him back the same way.

One thing people fail to realise is that love cannot be forced so when you want to express love, do not force it.

Let it flow naturally because it is only then it is real.

If you keep pestering her to fall in love with you, she might just dislike you.

Express love moderately:

I believe love should be expressed in moderation although there may be times that could call for an aggressive expression like birthdays, ceremonies etc.

Aside those events, I think you should express love moderately as it is said that too much of everything is bad.

There are times for aggressive love and also times for passive or moderate love so figure it out.

Express love genuinely:

7 thoughts on how to express love in your relationship

A lot of people pretend to genuinely love someone which is not right.

I believe that if love is expressed in a real manner, there will be no need to decipher if that love is aggressive or passive.

This is because it comes from the heart and it’s motives and intent are true.

Express love with understanding:

7 thoughts on how to express love in your relationship

Some couples do not understand the temperament of their partner when doing something.

At times your partner may not be in a good mood and it is that time you want to do something for him or her.

If you do not study his or her temperament at that time, he or she may react in a way you won’t like.

So as long as your love is genuine, it should be expressed with understanding.

Express love without any hidden agenda:

Some people show love to their partners just because they want something back in return.

You should express love unconditionally without expecting any favours.

If you keep acting all lovingly because of what you want, it will be noticeably that you do not love your partner but the things he or she has.

So express love without having conditions in mind.

Love yourself as well:

How can you express love if you do not love yourself?

I see a lot of people forget themselves and pour out all the love they have on their partner.

You ought to reserve some of that love for yourself because you can only give what you have.

If you give out all you have and all hell breaks loose, what will you have left?

These are a few thoughts on how you should express love in a relationship. In what other ways do you think you can show love to your partner?

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