7 Relationship Turn Off That Can Spoil Your Relationship Success

7 Relationship Turn Off That Can Spoil Your Relationship Success

There is something you say or acted out that you don’t even think of their consequences on your relationship but they are detrimental to the success of your relationship. Those act or attitudes are total turn off for your relationship and unless you stop them, they will continue to hurt you without you noticing that they are the things that are ruining the success of your relationship.

Relationship Turn Off That Can Spoil Your RelationshipConsciously or unconsciously there are words you say that hurt your lover and if your partner is someone who doesn’t tolerate such words, he or she may behave in such a way that will make you think otherwise about your relationship.

You will need to keep an eyes on these 7 relationship turn off that can spoil your relationship success and if it has become part of you, it is not too late now to do away with such habit or characters because, in the end the result may sabotage the success you’re trying to build in your relationship.

Here are the 7 relationship turn off that can spoil your relationship success.

1. Bad mouthing; You need to be careful here, some of us take this issue for granted and not all of us can take it without feeling offensive about it. Insulting your partner’s parent or their family thinking that you’re just joking or catching fun with your partner can ruin your relationship. As I said earlier, some will take it personal and nurse that grudges to something else. So, keep off.

2. Insecurity and jealousy; If you’re making your partner to feel insecure or jealous  by giving another  person too much of your time, or by paying much attention to the opposite sex in the present of your lover, then, you should know that you’re using your hand to spoil your relationship with your ideal partner. Insecurity and jealousy is one of the biggest reasons for egos and anger to creep into the relationship. [Also Read; Equity Theory of Relationship]

3. Encroaching your partner personal space; Whether your partner ask for space or not, you should know that everyone has a need for personal space. Failure to understand when to give space in a relationship is a huge relationship turn off. Don’t try to be involved in every area of your partner, especially those area that you yourself consider personal.

4. Being a bad listener; I don’t think I should be saying much about this but for those that may not really understand it. Don’t act in such a way that only your own view must be accepted. You will need to allow your partner to talk even when you’re saying something and s/he want to add something important to your discussion. Don’t ask often what do you say; it shows that you’re not paying attention to what your lover is saying and that is a total turn off for any relationship. No one loves to stay with someone that has bad listening habit; this is because it will not allow them to enjoy their relationship with such person.

5. Bring in third party into your relationship matter; You should value opinion of your partner and not take your relationship issues outside of your home. Giving much importance to someone else opinion and ignore or care less about your partner opinion is a relationship turn off because if show that you don’t respect your lover’s opinion as well as think less of their opinion.

6. The use of silence treatment; Any relationship that one of the partner use silence treatment will never last. The relationship may be blossoming when there is no silence treatment but immediately one partner decides to go on the way of treating the other person with silence treatment, it is an assurance for a relationship turn off. No matter what your lover says, if it hurt you or whatever, you should not start keeping silence when you’re supposed to say something. It will make your partner dislike you and stop communicating with you because you don’t like to hear the truth.

7. Anger issues; One of the biggest relationship turn offs is when you direct all your rage and anger at your partner, even when they do nothing wrong. You may be pissed off with the world, but you still direct all that anger towards your partner and treat them like a punching bag because you don’t have the nerve to confront the world or direct the anger at the people who actually hurt you. [Read; 5 ways to control anger in relationship]

These 7 relationship turn off may not make sense to you now, but indulging yourself with any of them will come back to hurt you. It is very important you don’t allow any of them hurt the success of relationship you’re trying to build. Do you notice any other relationship turn off that is not included here? Please share it with us as we love to hear from you and don’t forget to click on the Facebook like button below to show appreciation for what we are doing here.

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