7 Notes You Should Write to Your Children

7 Notes You Should Write to Your Children

I am sure that you spend a lot of time trying to give lessons to your children. You understand that it is your duty as a parent to let know them know about all the dangers they might face, and the consequences of making the wrong choices.

You are concerned that you might not be there to protect them all the time. And you are right about it.

The only problem is the way we do it. We usually give our best piece of advice in the wrong tone of voice, and possibly at the wrong moment.7 Notes You Should Write to Your Children

We try to shout our way inside their minds when they are as scared as we are. It is like a mad person talking to a wall.

So here is where writing notes to your child can help you. You can prepare them in advance, make them touching and fun, and reach their hearts much more efficiently.

When you leave a message with them, they can reflect on it. And if your note is really good, your children might even keep that piece of paper for a long time.

And some special moments in their lives certainly deserve a note from you

# 1 – A welcome note

If your baby is just born, or if you are waiting for their arrival, it is time for you to prepare a welcome note. Let them know how happy you are that he or she is coming to this world to join your life.

Tell them how you got prepared, and all the silly mistakes you made while trying to get things done for them. You might list a couple of parenting books you read, or maybe the quote that made a difference to your life.

Feel free to be honest and tell them that you are afraid you might not be the perfect parent they deserve. But reassure them, saying that you are committed to doing your best.

# 2 – A one-year-old note

And now they are one-year-old, and most of your fears are gone. You are probably proud of everything they have accomplished so far and are feeling a bit more confident about your parenting skills.

So write a note about it. Tell them how important this first year was for you. List what you have learned from you, and how they have helped you to become a better person.

Congratulate them for their achievements and let them know that you are ready for any challenges that might come from now on.

# 3 – A first-day-at-school note

The first day at school is a remarkable time for you both. So it should get a special not from you. One that they might take with them to the classroom, inside their backpack, or in their lunch box.

Write down how proud you are, and that you are sure that they will do great. That you are thrilled that they will make new friends and learn to read and write their own notes.

But do tell them to you will miss them while they are away.

# 4 – A first-date note

Now, your child is a teenager, and they are going on their first date. It probably is a difficult day for you, full of apprehensions and expectations. You don’t want them to cross the line and compromise their future. But you also don’t want them to be hurt or rejected.

But, instead of letting all worries ruin a special moment, write a note to them about love. Fill the paper with hope and joy. Give to them the encouragement they need to be confident along with the certainty that you trust their judgement.

# 5 – A going-to-college note

And it is time to go to college. They might be leaving your house for good, so it is another life-changing day to you both. Your teenager is becoming an adult and will learn how to be more independent far away from your eyes.

Your note here will be a promise of a brighter future. If you have great memories from college days, share with them. If you don’t, let them know how you faced some of the challenges that they might see happening again.

Open your heart and tell them you will miss them. And that the house will be too big without them. And let them know that they will always be welcome back.

# 6 – A first job note

So they got a job! You are probably proud and thrilled about it. So share your feelings with them. And it doesn’t matter if their first job is waiting table or in a law firm. It is the first time that they will be making money through their own efforts, and it is an achievement.

Give them some piece of advice about how being able to support yourself is important to ensure a decent life. But, above all, congratulate them for following their dreams. Tell them that you are happy that they have faced their fears, got an interview, and were hired.

# 7 – A timeless note

And there is a note that might become a letter. It is a timeless note. One where you are going to write everything that you want them to know and remember when you are gone.

Pour your heart on it. Write down the little life lessons that you might have learned, or that you think you should have learned. Tell them what was important to you in life, and how crucial becoming a parent was for you to become a better person.

Thank them for all they have done for you. And that you are sure that they will do great in life.

The bottom line

Writing letters can be daunting to some people, and this is why notes can feel much easier. Plus, it is few words are usually more memorable than long texts – just remember how much people love quotes.

And there are plenty of writing sites that can help you if you are still unsure about it. But, you shouldn’t worry about it. Your child won’t be caring about your grammar or style, but about what you say.

So think which moments and messages are more important for you and your child. Then grab a piece of paper or a post-it and leave your advice or encouragement on it.

They will thank you later in life.

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