5 Sure Ways You Can Make Up After a Fight

There is absolutely no one on this earth who hasn’t had a fight with someone else. I do not mean exchanging physical blows but having verbal exchange of words that result in quarrels and arguments.

When couples have a fight, it either brings them closer together or creates a bridge in their relationship. But ultimately it all depends on what you want the outcome of that fight to be.

Do you want to resolve it as soon as possible or do you want it to drag for as long as you can think of?

The following are some ways to make up after a fight.

Over look the issue:

Sometimes in order for peace to reign, you might need to overlook what happened. It might not matter if you or the other person was at fault or not, but you may just have to let go of the situation.

Depending on the severity of the issue, letting some things just slide might just be how you can make up after a fight.

The two of you can come to an understanding and agree that you want to let the matter die so if the feeling is mutual, it can work out so you can both focus on other things.

Talk about it:

This is one way I know how to make up after a fight. I certainly must talk about it in order to have peace of mind and also have closure on what happened.

Talking about the fight will help the two of you understand what led to it in the first place and also find ways of resolving it so it does not occur again.

It helps you know yourselves better and also helps to clear up any doubt in your heart.

Vent your anger:

5 Ways to Make Up After a Fight

At times, letting go of your emotions and the way you feel about what happened is one of the best ways to make up after a fight.

Imagine having a fight with your partner and you are really angry probably because he or she is the one at fault. Rather than bottle up how you feel, why don’t you release it by speaking your mind and expressing how it is affecting you?

Doing this will enable your partner to see how hurt you are and also make him or her easily realize his or her fault and apologise. If you keep quiet about it, your partner may not see things from your perspective.

Ask questions:

If you are determined to make up after a fight with your partner, then you need to ask questions. Find out from your partner why he or she is upset with you, what you did wrong and ask what you can do to make up.

This shows that you are concerned about the feelings of your partner and he or she will see the effort you are putting to resolve issues. This act of yours can quickly make your partner forgive you for whatever happened.


5 Ways to Make Up After a Fight

Ego and pride makes a lot of people behave the way they are not supposed to in their relationships. How can you have a misunderstanding with someone you claim to love and live with not making up for some days?

Some fights take a while before they are finally resolved and I do not think this should be so.

If you are the cause of the fight, simply apologise for it as it will not take anything out of you to say you are sorry.

Does your conscience not disturb you knowing fully well that things are not okay with you and your partner?

Apologise and move on as life is too short to dwell in tantrums and fights.

These are some ways to make up after a fight. They may not all work for you as we are all different in some ways. Choose the one that works best for you and enjoy your relationship.

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