6 Ways to Know You Are Dating a Two Timing Babe

It can be annoying as well as disappointing if you discover that your girlfriend is a two timing babe. In as much as no guy wants this to happen to him, they sometimes find themselves amidst such ladies.

Some ladies are so clever that they know how to cover up their excesses in a way that their boyfriend will not even know what they are up to.

Everybody has the tendency to cheat but how do you know your girlfriend is trust worthy? How then can a guy know that the lady he is in a relationship with is a two timing babe?

Here are some of the ways:

She easily gets angry with you:

6 Ways to Know You Are Dating a Two Timing Babe

If you have a two timing babe in your life, you will find out that she will easily get offended by the things you do whether you are at fault or not.

Every little thing you do seems to annoy her and she makes no effort to hide her anger. It will almost seem as if she is looking for an excuse to break up with you.

She makes up stories:

If your girlfriend is a one guy babe, she will find it difficult telling you lies but if she is a two timing babe, she will find lying to you very easy to do.

You will find out that she makes up stories each time the two of you are supposed to meet up. It is at that time she has other things to do and so if you are sensitive enough, you will notice those are the times she gives you more excuses.

She will come up with stories so she does not have to spend time with you.

She will not love you so much again:

If you have a two timing babe, her love for you will diminish and you will notice that her expression of love or affection for you will drastically reduce. This may be a gradual process and so it may be a while for you to notice such change in her.

Usually ladies are known to be very emotional and they express it easily especially if they love a guy so much. So if you notice that your girlfriend shows you little or no emotions again, it is possible she is a two timing babe.

She will not care as much for you as before:

If your girlfriend does not care so much for you as she used to then know that it is very possible there is someone else in the picture.

If she does not check up on you regularly, if she does not find out if you are okay, if she shows no concern about your well being then she may be a two timing babe.

If she does not ask you questions to know if all is well with you then she does not care about you anymore.

She acts unhappy around you:

6 Ways to Know You Are Dating a Two Timing Babe

Normally if a lady is around her boyfriend, she ought to be excited but if you notice that she does not always look cheerful or seems absent minded when she is with you then it is highly possible she is a two timing babe.

If your jokes no longer make her laugh or if the things you say no longer have an effect on her then she is surely unhappy being with you.

She no longer goes the extra mile for you:

Some ladies can do anything for the guy they love and if your girlfriend is like that and suddenly changes then she may be a two timing babe.

If she no longer makes an attempt to help you when you need it or is not ready to make sacrifices for your love then something is wrong.

Does your girlfriend demonstrate any of these characters? If yes, then she is a two timing babe! And if not, just watch out for these signs so you are not taken unawares.

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