6 Relationship Tricks Every Lady Should be Aware of

When it comes to relationships, some guys think they are smart and device relationship tricks in other to deceive the ladies in their lives. Some ladies already know what these relationship tricks are and know how to handle such guys.

But if you are amongst those who do not know the tricks guys pull up then this article is written specifically for you. I think that it is only wise for you to be aware of what they are so you would not fall victim to such.

The relationship tricks are:

Sweet talks:

6 Relationship Tricks Every Lady Should be Aware of

When a guy really wants you, he knows just the right strings to pull and if you are the type of lady who gets moved by sweet words, you will surely fall flat for such a guy.

This is one of the relationship tricks guys use to make ladies fall in love with them. They will ensure they entice you with such sweet and loving words that will make you trip over and over again for them. The talks will be never ending as their goal is to ensure you keep getting enthralled and captivated by the things they say.

Persistent communication:

6 Relationship Tricks Every Lady Should be Aware of

I would say that guys are specialist in this aspect when they want something from you. Their mode of communication with you will be so heightened until they get what they want.

They will constantly keep in touch with you using all available modes of communication so that you will think that they really care about you. At times, you may feel as if you are being choked because he is always there but this is just one of the relationship tricks guys use to get to you.

He will be at your beck and call:

One of the relationship tricks guys use is to always be at your beck and call. They will try to give you the things you ask for because they know that in the long run, they will achieve their goal.

They will not hesitate to grant your wishes as long as it is in their power to do so. They will make you assume that you can always ask them for anything you want and that all they want to do is to make you happy.

He knows how to appeal to your emotions:

This is one of the relationship tricks guys use a lot especially by those who are masters at it. Such guys have sugar coated tongues and know the right words to use to make you feel sorry for them.

They usually do this when they are in the wrong but do not want to admit it. They tend to know how to twist situations in their favour so that you will start thinking that he is not really at fault. They know that most ladies have a soft spot and are very emotional and so they use it to their advantage.

He will be super nice:

6 Relationship Tricks Every Lady Should be Aware of

Such guys go the extra mile to ensure that you are comfortable with them and so they act like they are saints around you so you will like them.

He will do things only to please you, he will not want to offend you in any way, he will do what you want and even tell you to be free with him and always tell him what you want.

He is a superb story teller:

Another way of saying he is a superb story teller is also saying he likes to cover up his lies with stories. If he wants you to believe what he says even though it is a lie, he will come up with believable stories that seem true when you hear them.

He knows just how to cook up such stories so you will not doubt him at all and the way he says it will be extremely perfect.

There are a lot more relationship tricks guys use on ladies but the ones listed above are just a tidbit for you to know.

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