6 Reasons You Are Still In that Unhappy Relationship

A lot of people are in relationships but they are not happy and you would think that the logical thing to do if you are in an unhappy relationship is to quit, right?

So the question to ask is that “why don’t they then end the relationship? The truth is that such people still remain in that unhappy relationship for many reasons that seem right in their own eyes but may sound foolish to other people.

Have you ever wondered why a lady would still be in a relationship with a guy who maltreats her? Or have you ever wondered why a guy would still be with a lady who shows him little or no care?

If you are curious to know, here are some possible reasons you are still in an unhappy relationship:

You are afraid to move on:

This is one reason that makes people still remain in unhappy relationships. Some people feel so comfortable being with just one person especially if you have been with that person for some time.

The thought of starting another relationship and getting to know someone else makes some people afraid and so they just decide to stick with who they already know whether good or bad.

You have not found someone else:

You are still in an unhappy relationship because you have not yet found someone who is attracted to you or whom you are attracted to. Such people prefer to stay in their current relationships until they meet someone new before they quit the relationship.

They fear that if they quit their relationship, it might be difficult for them to quickly find another partner.

You do not want to be alone:

6 Reasons You Are Still In that Unhappy Relationship

Sometimes I ask myself if it is a crime to be alone at times. I believe there are times in one’s life where you need to be alone to access your life so you can plan better.

But you will be surprised that so many people are afraid of being alone throughout their lives so rather than quitting an unhappy relationship, they would prefer staying with that person whether they are happy or not.

You are concerned about what people will say:

6 Reasons You Are Still In that Unhappy Relationship

To a large extent, I do not really care about what people say about me because I cannot live my life based on hear says. Some people on the other hand are very concerned about the things they hear about themselves.

You do not want to leave that unhappy relationship because you do not want people to know you broke up with him or her or you do not want them to see you as someone who has no love life.

So instead of standing up for yourself and doing what makes you happy, you remain in that unhappy relationship to keep the mouths of people shut.

You do not want to lose the things you are getting:

This may be one of the reasons you are still in that unhappy relationship. It is very possible that your partner gives you the things you need and because of this you do not want to leave him or her.

You fear that you would lose all of that if you leave him or her.

You have placed no value on yourself:

Who told you that you cannot stay by yourself? Do you need someone else to be who you want to be or do you think you cannot be important in life without the other person?

This is one thing people need to realize and that is the fact that they have value. If you see yourself as relevant then others will too.

I hear people say “I can’t live without her,” and I wonder what is wrong with them.

If you have placed a certain level of value on yourself then nobody can intimidate you and make you feel less worthy.

This wrong notion makes a lot of people hang on to unhappy relationships.

So are you guilty of any of these reasons? Are these why you are still in an unhappy relationship?

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