6 Questions to Ask yourself Before Getting into a Serious Relationship

Daily, lots of people go into relationships with so much excitement and while some may be serious, others may not be. But over time, some relationships end up becoming serious than they were at the beginning. If at some point you notice that you are gradually delving into a serious relationship then there are some vital questions you need to ask yourself. These questions are very necessary for you to answer before taking that important step in your relationship.

Ask yourself why:

6 Questions to Ask yourself Before Getting into a Serious Relationship

There are lots of reasons people go into a serious relationship. So before getting into one, its good you find out why you want to. Is it because your friends are doing so and so you feel the urgency to?

Are you going into a serious relationship because you are being pressured by your parents to? Do you feel it is the right thing to do at that point in your life? Do you feel you are of age and you just have to cross this phase of your life? Are you ready for a serious relationship?

How compatible are you both?

Some times when I hear what some partners who are together do, I wonder what love has turned into. Imagine a couple having a heated argument and then one of then smashed the others phones into pieces and the other smashed the flat screen television.

Despite their hot tempered nature, they are still together. So, how compatible are both of you? Are you willing to stand with him or her despite anything? Are you ready to tolerate personal and attitudinal issues for the sake of love?

Do you understand your partner so well despite what anyone tells you?

How well do you know your partner?

One thing I have realized is that a lot of people change after they get married. The nice, sweet and loving partner you knew while dating can instantly change attitude after marriage. So, how well do you really know him or her?

Have you studied him or her well enough to want to spend the rest of life with them? Does he or she have mood swings? Do you know his or her background including family history?

You may think this is not necessary but it sure is.

How well do you know his or her family?

6 Questions to Ask yourself Before Getting into a Serious Relationship

One thing about marriage is that you are not only getting married to your partner but also to his or family members. I used to think that as long as you marry that one person, he or she is the only one you should be concerned about.

But this is not true so have this in mind before considering getting into a serious relationship. Are you ready to share your partner with other members of the family?

Also, how well do you know them? Are you physically compatible with them? Do they like you? How do they react around you? Do you know that from the physical vibes you get from them you can tell if they like you or not? It is important you get along with them in order to enjoy your relationship with your partner.

How prayerful are you?

6 Questions to Ask yourself Before Getting into a Serious Relationship

Whether you like it or not, being in a serious relationship also entails you become serious in your prayer life. Serious relationships often times end in marriage and marriages today go through a lot of storms which are both physical and spiritual.

So how strong is your Christian life? How ready are you to keep and maintain your relationship from temptations and trials?

Are you ready to compromise?

Once you are in a serious relationship, you will have to compromise a lot so things can go well. It may not be convenient for you but you just have to do it. You will be offended a lot of times but you just have to keep your cool.

You might react but do not over react as you are in this to win, right?

Being in a relationship is good but being in a serious relationship is better. So consider these questions before making the big leap in your relationship.

And be honest with yourself while answering them!

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