10 Ways to know you are Lovestruck in a Relationship

Have you ever being drunken in the pool of love before? If yes, I am sure it feels like being intoxicated with alcohol, right?

Being lovestruck feels like you are being controlled by your feelings and if you have felt this way before, I am sure you can relate to that.

Love is a feeling that cannot be hidden and so if you are lovestruck, you cannot shy away from it no matter what you do.

Although so many people try to deny that they are lovestruck but there are certain traits they display that cannot be hidden.

So if you do not know you are lovestruck, here are some ways to tell.

You are usually mesmerised:

10 Ways to know you are Lovestruck in a Relationship

To know you are lovestruck, you simply cannot take your eyes off him or her when you are together. You might find yourself just staring at him or her without you even knowing.

You are usually tongue tied:

If you are lovestruck, you will always feel speechless when around him or her. It will feel like you have lost your voice and can’t utter anything.

Do not be alarmed because this is what being lovestruck does to you.

You can’t say NO:

When you are lovestruck, all you want to do is please the other person.

In times like this, you find yourself saying unable to disagree with what the other person says. Even if it doesn’t go down well with you, you succumb as long as he or she is happy.

This trait doesn’t mean you are senseless, it just shows that you are lovestruck.

You go above and beyond:

This means doing more than you imagined for the one you love. You can do just about anything for him or her if you are lovestruck.

You are inquisitive:

If you are lovestruck, you will want to know everything and anything about the other person.

You will want to know whom he or she calls, who they see, talk to, and spend time with.

All these may make you seem insecure and desperate but it’s simply because you are lovestruck.

You don’t hide anything from him or her:

When you are lovestruck, you will find yourself revealing everything about you to the other person.

You see no reason why you should keep things away from him or her and so you open up completely.

You spill out your inner most secrets because you believe love is the ultimate.

You find him or her irresistible:

10 Ways to know you are Lovestruck in a Relationship

When you are lovestruck, no one else matters to you. He or she means the world to you and no one is as attractive as he or she is to you.

When he or she is with you, you see no one else. Your mind, body and soul is fixated on that one person.

You are extremely jealous:

Seeing him or her with someone else leaves you heart broken and makes you feel like the world is crumbling.

You find yourself getting jealous over every little thing.

You feel you own him or her:

When you are lovestruck, you feel you have a sense of ownership over the other person.

Even though you are not yet married to him or her, it feels like he or she belongs to you alone.

You are restless:

10 Ways to know you are Lovestruck in a Relationship

Being lovestruck makes you restless and all you can think of is the other person.

You find him or her in your thought all day long and nothing you do can change that.

You are normally not okay until you set your eyes on him or her. The restlessness subsides when you are around them.

If you can identify with the signs in this write up, then you are lovestruck.

It is not a bad thing but knowing what those signs are would help you curtail those emotions so you do not pass across the wrong message.

Have you being lovestruck before? Tell us what other traits you exhibited.

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