7 Ridiculous Things People Will Do For the Sake of Love

What are you willing to do just for the sake of love? Will you do just about anything or will you be selective as to what you should or should not do?

Do you know that just for the sake of love, people will do a lot of ridiculous things? What can you imagine people will do? Kill themselves, jump in the lagoon?

It amazes me sometimes when I read up certain stories in the tabloids and in the news about what people do just for the sake of love. These stories sound bizarre and hard to believe but they are true and still occurring today.

Some of the things people will do for the sake of love are:

Give their all:

For the sake of love, some people will give all that they have and have nothing in reserve. They will give their money, time, effort and energy so the other person is happy and so the relationship can run smoothly.

Imagine sharing your ATM card with the one you love and saying that the money in it belongs to you both. What happens when the money is not there anymore?

Most of the time, such people willingly give their all because they genuinely love the other person and even if they get nothing back in return they are satisfied.

Their happiness is derived from the other person’s happiness.

Take risks:

Some lovers are willing to take risks just for the sake of love and even if the risk will be to their own detriment, they do not mind. Most of the time when such people do this, they are not really concerned about themselves but about the person they love.

Imagine a woman quitting her job just because her lover was fired as a result of injustice towards him. She took the risk of resigning in order to show her support towards her lover.

Defy all odds:

Some people are ready to stand by the one they cherish just for the sake of love. They do not care if he or she is right or wrong; all they care about is being there for him or her no matter what the odds are.

Change location:

Just for the sake of love and the fact that they do not want to be apart from their partner, some lovers will change their location so they can be close to the one they love. They even go as far as leaving their jobs.

Change their wardrobe:

7 Ridiculous Things People Will Do For the Sake of Love

When you are in a relationship, one person you try to please is the one you are in love with. So just for the sake of love, some people change their look by changing their wardrobe in order to make the other person happy and to make them look super attractive.

When you know what he or she likes, you will want to do it so they can be happy with you.


7 Ridiculous Things People Will Do For the Sake of Love

This sounds like something we see in the movies but it does happen. I know a friend who ran away with her lover and today they are married. She went against her parent’s wishes and eloped with the man she was in love with.

She was ready to do anything just to be with him.

They believe only the person they love:

Just for the sake of love, people are willing to neglect what others think about their relationship or their partner. They only believe what their lover tells them even if it is not true.

These set of people tend to be blind to the opinions of others just for the sake of love.

At one point or the other in your life, I am sure you can admit that you may have done one or more of these things for the sake of love.

If you can, share with us some of those ridiculous things you have done for the sake of love.

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  1. So i got consecutive confrontation at my work place which made me loose interest in the work.I called my fiance and inform her about what have been happening at my work place,and she was like my dear quit the job i know we can survive this till you get another job.After things could not work between us was where i got to realize that she did all that for the sake of the love she has for me.

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