5 skin tan methods without UV rays’ risk

There are skin tan methods that don’t expose you to the dangers of UV rays. Although we know there is nothing wrong with having a pale colour. Pale colour is undoubtedly naturally beautiful but if your colour is more pinkish and purple-like than gold, and you desire to have skin that looks sun-tanned without any possibility of suffering from the dangers of the harmful UV rays, then these 5 skin tan methods are the great way to go.

skin tan methods
skin tan methods

1. Go with Self-Tanner

If you are looking for simple and efficient skin tan methods that don’t expose you to the dangers of the UV rays, the best way is to wear a makeup blend that helps you to obtain a faux glow.

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your skin. Do this by exfoliating your skin with a scrub that is not made up of micro beads. These forms of scrubs are dangerous to your skin.

In place of these make use of any form of natural or organic scrub, such as the one produced by Rudolph Care. You can also DIY with a mixture of fine sugar and almond oil together with a few drops of shower gel. Mix these three into a paste and put it over your face in the shower.

After you have used the scrub and washed up your face, and dried up, wear an all-natural fake tanner. These ought to be an organic type. If not you’d be exposing your skin to dangerous chemicals smells bad and can make your skin sensitive or result to cancer.

A good number of self-tanning organic brands that serve as efficient skin tan methods like the Moisturizing Self-tanning Gel by Bio Beauté and the Sun Labs fake tan are you best safe options.

Certified organic Eco Tan is also very good. They last for a long time and have a great smell.

To use these skin tan methods, wear a large quantity of this on your face and body.  Ensure you apply it evenly on the whole of your skin, massage it gently into your skin, and do this every day for three days to get a deeper colour shade. This will help you to achieve your perfect natural-looking bronze skin colour.

These self-skin tan methods are non-staining and streak-free and are made up of natural origin DHA and erythrulose, and nutritious chaulmoogra, mango, and macadamia oils.

2. Dry skin Oil tan methods

Dry oil skin tan methods are not a permanent solution like self-tanner, but with if you can as well add a golden veil of shimmer to boost an overall faux glow.  The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is divinely-scented dry oil with micro shimmer particles to boost golden skin.

These skin tan methods dry quickly to disclose non-greasy, glossy skin and fragile shimmer when applied to the hair as well.  This blend is made up of vitamin E, and a blend of 6 organic oils from macadamia, almond, hazel, olive, camellia, and sunflower.

3. Bronzing Powder skin tan methods

Probably the quickest and simplest skin tan methods to produce a faux glow on your face and cleavage is merely with bronzer.

To achieve this, you need to apply it with a large brush to just the part of your skin that not exposed to the sun: to your cheekbones, your nose, forehead, and chin.

Make use of a Mineral Bronzing Powder compact by Alima that is made up of organic peach pulp and jojoba oil, or for a darker brown go with Face Colour Brazen Bronzer.

The Zao is other very good bronzers that are made of real clay and comes with a minimal shimmer. An entirely talc-free, bronzer shades include clear golden copper, apricot or a pinkish-brown, all together they are great faking a tanned skin effect.

4. Cocoa and Cream

This is probably the least costly and most natural skin tan methods to obtain a lovely glow. Move to your kitchen and discover the cocoa powder. Ensure it is 100% pure, with NO sugar so that it will not be very sticky!

Take a basin and apply some natural body lotion, like Faith Aromatherapy Tahitian Monoi anti-ageing body cream.

Add a few tablespoons of pure cocoa to the cream, and blend well, till you get the powder is entirely dissolved. It ought to appear brownish. Use your hand to try a bit of it to see if you like the shade. If it is not what you want, add more cocoa powder.

When you have gotten your desired shade, you can make use of this throughout your entire body. When you have discovered a recipe that suits you, try and make a personalised batch, and put it into an empty pump bottle.

5. Black Tea

Black tea can as well help you to reach a tanned skin. It is one of your best natural skin tan methods although you may not know about it.

It doesn’t have any side effects and it is natural. However, you need to take care as the mixture can stain your clothes.

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