12 Questions To Consider When Looking For Mr Right

12 Questions To Consider When Looking For Mr Right

Looking for ideal man who you will consider enough to be your Mr Right is not what you’ll wake up in day and start searching for. It require lots of effort from you, it is not that you’ll go out there and be looking everywhere where you can meet him, but it is all about your preparedness to not miss him when he’s around you.

Your would be Mr Right too is searching for you, which mean, you need to be available where he can find you and for you to be available to actually recognised him to be the one, you will need to consider these 12 questions and see where you stand if probably he is the one that match the kind of man you’re actually looking for.

12 Questions To Consider When Looking For Mr RightBefore you read about the questions, your preparedness will involve getting yourself a journal or writing one that will guide your informed decision about who you actually want and be specific about it. Just give yourself sometimes and ensure you consider what is important to you and begin to put them down in your journal to create your own love book, you just need to be realistic in what’s important to you.

Now let’s see the 12 questions you need to consider when looking for your Mr Right

1. Do you attach so much important to how your would be Mr Right should look like? If you want to have beautiful children, look may be important but look may not be really important if you are just thinking getting married to someone.

2. Does the amount he earn and the kind of professional job he does important to you?

3. How about his social life and personality? Would you like to marry someone who is the quiet type or the one that has the life of the party?

4. What value or character do you have and want to see it in your would be Mr right?

5. The kind of man you’re seeking for, is it for marriage or just for companionship?

6. What categories of man do you want as your Mr right? Could you consider someone who has married before or never married or a widower?

7. What about distance relationship, would you consider long distance relationship?

8. What outdoor activities (leisure activities) would you like your would be Mr Right to share with you?

9. Are the type of me and my husband only and not ready to associate and mingle with his friends and families?

10. Do you want a man who is really romantic because you need him to meet your romantic expectation?

11. Are you sure you’re really ready to go into this relationship that would lead to marriage, considering the circumstances around you? I mean do you have issues unresolved that are still hurting you, and can’t really let your mind think well of another man?

12. What extra effort can you make when trying to find Mr Right? Effort like joining an organization (Educational or religious) where you could possibly meet him or joining a volunteering services or work where to possibly meet the special someone good enough for you to be your Mr Right.

The responses you provide to these 12 questions to consider when looking for Mr right are going to be your guidelines and will give you some insight into what you really need and not just what you want in a man.

You can always go over it and rewrite it as long as you discover something not too important to you in the course of looking for Mr wonderful.

But these questions alone are not enough to help you get it right, when you’re looking for a man, that will take good care of you and have a very good relationship with you and in your marriage, then you need to equip yourself with the information on how and where to actually find him.

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What other questions do you think could have been included in this post but can’t be found here? Please you can share your thought with us, we’ll appreciate it.

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  1. I do not know how to request from a guy but still i never find the true love. Sometimes i pity myself and even promise myself never to be in a relationship any more. what should i do please help me. I ‘m at age

    1. You need to stop pitying yourself and believe you’re going to find your true love. Sometimes, your thought affect how you live your life and it will put you in a position where will not to be as far as being in relationship is concerned. Although you might be of age, but that never mean you should give up on finding true love. Be the best you can be and be hopeful, don’t forget to also pray along with your believe and you might just see things started changing for good.

  2. Is over a year now I started dating my boyfriend but he don’t
    care how I eat or go to school even I told him that I train myself in school…. For one day I never begged him for money or his support… The most annoying part of it all is that he will make a promise to send my school fees for me at the end of the day he will disappoint me… I had an accident he promise the doctors Dat he will take care of the bill which he never did… He won’t call me until is afternoon. And he is saying that he will like to marry me…. Please am afraid because am too young to suffer in marriage..

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