Tips on how To Look Glam In An Unfriendly Weather

Tips on how To Look Glam In An Unfriendly Weather

Presently, in Nigeria we are in the hot weather which is termed as summer. This weather causes a lot of inconvenience to the body as a result of heat which could lead to rashes, the harsh sun which might lead to sunburn and other negative effects it might result to in the body such as dehydration e.t.c.
Thus, We’ve got great points on how to feel great and look good despite the weather. Nobody wants to carry a long face all through the day grudging about the heat, sun or its harsh reactions.

1. Rock Your SunglassesTips on how To Look Glam In An Unfriendly Weather

Sunshades are not just there for fashion but to protect your face from sunburn. Believe me, it works. You don’t have to stress yourself carrying an umbrella here and there.
Look chic in this weather with a sunshades and you’re just great to go.

2. Wear less Makeup

Yes! Looking good is great business but at this point minimize the makeup. Not everyone is blessed with a dry skin, someone with an oily face in this weather has to learn how to really reduce her makeup application.
That asides, lots of makeup in this weather could also be an addition to terrific sunburn.

3. Dress Light

This is not the time to start wearing suits or materials that are not light. You could dress corporately in a very simple manner and still look great. You don’t want to get to work with a long face because you’ve got a share of what the weather has to offer. Get some silky, linen or cotton materials and say NO to very thick or tight outfit.
Dress light, look jazzed up and feel great at work.

4. SPF products

Now is the time to go give your skin more special attention. The way your skin looks depicts who you are. If you don’t learn to love and care for your body during this period, when will you?
Get some products with SPF and oil control.

5. Water is Life

During this season learn to drink more water.The sun dehydrates the body through excessive perspiration which could make you feel weak,tired and gloomy. The best way to get hydrated is to replenish your body with water or fluids. Don’t wait till you’re thirsty before you grab some water.
Naturally, drinking more water helps the skin glow.

6.Goodbyes To Black

At this moment, black dresses should be avoided. Research has proved that black outfit attracts and absorbs heat. Normally, the weather is hot. You dressing up in a black outfit has doubled up the effect of the weather on you.
Get some bright coloured dress and light outfits.

I hope these tips will help you feel great and look glam during this weather.
Are there other ways one can feel cool in this hot weather that wasn’t shared through the aforementioned points?
Please share your thoughts with us and don’t forget to share these using any of the social networking icons below.

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