3 Tricky Games to Play on your Partner Just To See How Much You Are Loved

Sometimes in a relationship, it may be necessary to play some tricky games in other for you to know if your partner loves and cares for you as much as you do.

You are not playing these tricky games because you doubt your partner’s love for you neither are you doing them to spite your partner but it is good you attempt these out of curiousity.

You will be pleased to find out that doing them will help strengthen your relationship and also adds some fun to your relationship.

Some of those tricky games are:

Not calling or texting in a day:

3 Tricky Games to Play on your Partner

This can be very hard to do especially if you cannot do without hearing from your partner almost all the time. It would take every being of you fighting the urge to pick up your phone and reach out to him or her.

It would surely feel so odd to you doing this because you are not used to being away from your partner in a day but know that it is for a good cause.

Doing this would definitely make your partner feel something is wrong and if he or she makes an attempt to reach out to you after not hearing from you that day then know that you are indeed loved.

Some partners may hold back calling you because they may be upset that you did not even reach out to them that day without wondering if you are alright or not.

So not calling or texting your partner is just a way of seeing how he or she would react to that action of yours.

If he or she calls or texts you shouting or complaining that you did not communicate with them, then know he or she loves you.

Refrain from saying “I love you” or “I miss you”:

This is one of the tricky games to play on your partner which might be annoying but necessary especially if you are the romantic type.

Some couples cannot do without saying these words whenever they are having a conversation with their loved ones and so refraining yourself from saying them might be torture to you.

If you do not say those words, it does not mean you do not care for your partner anymore but on the contrary it helps you also determine how much your partner cares for you.

If your partner is sensitive and realizes that you no longer say those words, it would make him or her start asking questions which goes to show that he or she is scared that you do not love them again.

Asking you questions or trying to find out what is going on shows that he or she is concerned about you and your feelings towards them.

Act like you do not care:

3 Tricky Games to Play on your Partner

This is one of the tricky games you can play on your partner to make him or her shake after you.

If you act like you do not care about your partner, it would make him or her start doing things to make you attracted to them. He or she may even be over romantic towards you thinking that you no longer have feelings for them.

If you show your partner this side of you, it would make him or her reveal how much you mean to them by the things they do henceforth.

Acting like you do not care would also make your partner feel you are not interested in the relationship again and if he or she loves you deeply, they would up their game.

These tricky games are just a tip of the ice berg as there are still lots of tricky games you can play on your partner to tease him or her into believing that something is wrong with the relationship whereas there is nothing wrong.

What other tricky games do you know about and which of these have actually worked for you?

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