5 Ways A Lady Feels When She Has Fallen In Love

If I were to conduct a survey or a research just to find out how ladies all over the world feel when they have fallen in love, I am very sure the responses I would get will not only be intriguing but interesting.

The truth is that everyone feels differently when they have fallen in love but the bottom line is that they have deep feelings for someone. Do you know that some people go through life and fall in love just once? But there are some others who fall in love more than once in their lives.

Have you ever fallen in love before? How did you feel the first time you felt that way?

From experiences, these are some of the ways ladies feel when they have fallen in love:

She feels on top of the world:

5 Ways A Lady Feels When She Has Fallen In Love

When a lady has fallen in love, she feels on top of the world as though she is the most important person that ever lived.

She feels she is the most valued in the other person’s world and that no one else matters to him and knowing this fact enables her express the love she feels to him.

When a woman feels like this she can do whatever she wants for the man she loves and nothing can stand in her way.

She thinks about him alone:

5 Ways A Lady Feels When She Has Fallen In Love

When a woman has fallen in love, all she thinks about is the man she loves and nothing else is paramount to her.

If you had the opportunity to look inside her mind, the only thoughts you would see are thoughts of him and these thoughts determine certain decisions she makes regarding her relationship.

She feels like a child:

The way a child feels when she knows her mother is around her is the same way a lady feels when she has fallen in love.

At times, you may just see her smiling for no just cause but deep within her, the reason she does so sheepishly is because she is in love and when a woman is like this, it is sometimes hard to explain her actions or the things she does.

All she wants at this point is to be pampered and cared for by the man she is in love with and of course if she doesn’t get what she wants, she sulks like a baby.

She listens to no one else:

When a woman has fallen in love, the man she is in love with can do no wrong. She finds no fault in him even if he is the one that is guilty. The mere fact that she loves him is enough to justify any action he may portray.

It’s almost as if she is blinded by that love and fails to reason with what others say even if they are right so when I hear people say that love is blind, this is actually what they mean.

She thinks about the ‘now’ alone:

Often times when I come across ladies who are head over heels in love with a guy, I notice that all their feelings are directed at the present and not the distant or near future.

All the lady feels at that point is “oh! I can’t stop thinking about him,” “I feel butterflies in my stomach,” “I cannot live without him.”

They are so carried away by the emotions within them that they fail to ask themselves certain important questions like “Does he love me for real?” “Is he being honest with me?” “Does he also feel what I feel?”

It is sometimes necessary to sit back and reflect on these questions so you know if you are loving the right way or loving the right person.

In as much as being in love is so wonderful and may sometimes be hard to control, this is how most of us feel when we have fallen in love.

Can you identify with any of these?

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