10 Dating Slangs Used in Relationships Today

In the world at large, different types of slangs are used in various contexts and once you hear them, it is easy to know why they are being used.

If you have ever been in a relationship, I am very sure you are already familiar with some dating slangs people use all the time.

In the dating world, you get to hear a lot of dating slangs that never seem to go out of style. Aside the fact that these dating slangs pertain to relationships, they are fun to use and these slangs are used by both guys and ladies.

They are:

Ask out:

This is mostly used when a guy likes a lady and decides to talk to her with the aim of convincing her to be his girlfriend. Often times, we hear ladies say “he asked me out” or you hear guys say “I want to ask that babe out.” This is one of the dating slangs frequently used by both guys and ladies.

Will you go out with me?

This slang is used more by guys when they want to be in a serious relationship with a lady. Any lady who hears this already knows what he is saying and her response would either be a yes or a no.

I will chat you up:

This is one of the dating slangs used by both guys and ladies. This is used at the point when you have gotten the contact of the person you like and you want to build the friendship by communicating more with him or her.

When you say this, it means you will reach out to him or her via phone calls, text messages, social media etc.

Hitting on me:

10 Dating Slangs Used in Relationships Today

Sometimes, you hear ladies say “he is hitting on me.” This simply implies that a guy likes a certain lady and he is using up gestures like body language to show he is interested in her. Gestures like hugging, touching hands or trying to kiss or peck.

All these indicate that someone is hitting on you.

She’s leading me on:

This is one of the dating slangs people often use. It is used when someone pretends to like you and acts like he or she is interested in you. He or she does this basically to get something from you and is not really interested in having a committed relationship with you.

Man up:

Often times, you hear guys say “man up, guy and talk to her.” This slang is used to instill courage and boldness in the other person so he can speak freely with the lady he likes in order to make his intention known. It is commonly used amongst the men folk.

I have a crush on you:

This is one of the commonest dating slangs ever used. When this slang is used, it means you are attracted to the other person which can either be for a long or short period of time. Sometimes, a crush leads to true feelings of love.

I am head over heels in love with you:

10 Dating Slangs Used in Relationships Today

Guys use this slang a lot to mean that they really love somebody. This kind of love usually emanates from the heart and such a person cannot do without the other person.

She is playing hard to get:

When a guy uses this slang, he means that the lady he is showing interest in is doing all she can to resist his charm and advances so he can put in more effort.

He is my soul mate:

This dating slang simply means that you have found someone who completes you and whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. Without him in your life, something feels missing within you.

All these dating slangs are still being used today and I bet you also used them at one time or the other. Which of them have you used before?

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