7 Things Guys Say That Put Ladies Off

When it comes to dating and the whole experience of a guy trying to   win a ladies heart, there are usually some specific things guys say which ladies may not really like hearing.

To these guys, its normal after all they are saying them just to please the lady but in actual fact, it puts ladies off.

So, I think it is therefore ideal for any man reading this to know what those things guys say are so they limit how they say them.

They are:

“From the first day I saw you, I loved you”:

7 Things Guys Say That Put Ladies Off

I do not think ladies fall for this anymore. How can a guy meet you for the first time and tell you he loves you? I am not saying love at first sight does not exist, but we all know that it sometimes takes time for love to grow.

At least what the guy should say is that he likes you and not that he loves you. Love is very complex and I think only a few people really know what true love is.

“Do you like sex?”

This is one of the things guys say that I hate so much. Except what the lady is after is also sex, I see no reason why a guy who claims to like a lady should ask her that.

In her response, is she meant to say yes or no? I believe this can make a lady uninterested in the guy.

Asking her this makes her think that is what you want from her so what do you expect to happen? She will run away from you.

“Can we go to a hotel”?

I know people hang out in lounges in hotels but when you start saying that they have nice rooms and you can just chill out there, it then sounds irritating.

There are a million places one can hang out, so why a hotel? Do guys think by saying this, the lady in question would fall for them?

A guy once told me that he likes to hang out in hotels and bars. He hates going to the cinemas and eateries. So if the lady you like hates hanging out in such places, what would you do?

I am not after you for sex:

We all know this isn’t true and when a guy utters this then that is what he really wants. I once told a guy who told me this that he may not ask for it now but sooner than I think, he would.

He tried convincing me that he can stay a long time without sex but what he did not know is that he had already discouraged me.

This is one of the things guys say that ladies find annoying.

Can you come to my place?

When a guy keeps insisting that a lady visits him at his place, it is termed as pressurizing.

Why must she come to your house? Is it to know her better? You can get to know a lady in different ways and not necessarily in your home.

When a guy tells you this just in the first week of knowing each other then he is not serious.

Can you cook for me?

I think a lady can only cook for a guy when she has known him for some time. But when a guy you just met starts telling you to cook for him then it is enough reason to make the lady dislike him.

Are you asking her out so she can become your cook?

Can you pay for it?

7 Things Guys Say That Put Ladies Off

This is one of the things guys say that makes me laugh. It is not wrong for a lady to pay for both meals when they are out on a date but when you are both trying to know yourselves; I feel it is the duty of the man to pay up.

When a guy says this, it makes the lady wonder if it would always be like this or if he is broke.

Now guys, what do you think about all these? Are ladies justified?

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