Sweet Love text messages, love quotes and Relationship quotes

Sweet love text message, love quotes and relationship quotes

Looking for romantic messages or sweet love text messages that you can send you partner day and night? You can find lots of them in this website, that I can assure you. Check below the inspiring sweet love text messages that are listed here and if you're not still satisfy with all these, look down in the link below and click any them down there, they will surely lead you to more than you want in a sweet love text messages for your romantic partnersweet love text messages

  1. The fate of love is that it is always too little or too much. Don’t live your life with someone you want to live with; live it with someone you can’t live without.
  2. “I trust you” is a better compliment than “I love you” because you may not always trust the one you love, but believe me, you can always love the person you trust for the rest of your life.
  3. You might find it easy to fall in love with someone, the hard thing is how to keep that someone forever. But that is the challenge of love, fighting, without knowing how to win!
  4. We never know how this closeness has started. We will never know how it would end. But whatever happens, when our closeness is gone, I will never forget how you made me smile once in a while
  5. I had been believing that there is a paradise beyond the skies. But now I realized that heaven is just right here on earth, because what would an angel like you be doing here if heaven is somewhere else?
  6. We are all a little weird and life's a little weird and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.
  7. A great love? It's when you shed tears and still you care for him, it's when he ignores you and still you long for him. It's when he begins to love another and yet you still smile and say I'm happy for you.
  8. If love fails, set yourself free, let your heart spread its wings and fly again. Remember you may find love and lose it, but when love dies, you never have to die with it.
  9. Loving is not how you forget but how you forgive, not how you listen but how you understand, not what you see but how you feel, and not how you let go but how you hold on.
  10. In love, very rarely do we win but when love is true, even if you lose, you still win just for having the tingle of loving someone more than you love yourself.
  11. There comes a time when we have to stop loving someone not because that person has stopped loving us but because we have found out that they'd be happier if we let go.
  12. If you really love someone never let go, don't believe that letting go means that you love best, instead fight for your love, that's what true love is.
  13. It's best to wait for the one you want than settle for one that's available. Best to wait for the one you love than one who is around. Best to wait for the right one because life is too short to waste on just someone.
  14. Sometimes the one you love turns out to be the one who hurts you the most, and sometimes the friend who takes you into his arms and cries when you cry turns out to be the love you never knew you wanted.
  15. Many believe that love is forever, that love never dies, only to be disillusioned in the end when we find our hands empty and our hearts longing. We mistakenly have looked at love as a need to be fulfilled, but love is only a gift given to us. We should not hold it in our hands, for we may never find the strength to let it go when it decides to leave. We should only embrace its warmth and glow while it lasts and freely open our arms when it's time to say goodbye.
  16. Don't tie your heart to a person who has nothing to offer you. You may say you're in love, you might even say he/she is your soulmate. But is that enough to fill your need for love? Let go. It might hurt for a while, but when you get over it, you'll find it's for the better.
  17. You deserve to be happy not in the arms of someone who keeps you waiting, but in the arms of someone who will take you now, love you forever, and leave you never, right?
  18. Never doubt someone's love for you. If you find some imperfections, let it be. If you survived the pain, the happiness is satisfying. Never find the perfect love, because love without pain is impossible.
  19. 70 million people are having sex right now! 40 million are planning to have sex. 30 million are dreaming of it and one expert is busy reading this message! =)
  20. Love can never be wrong, sometimes, you blame the situation or even the person. But no matter who you blame, if it really wasn't the will of God, it just wouldn't be.
  21. If I never met you, I wouldn't like you. If I didn't like you, I wouldn't love you. If I didn't love you, I wouldn't miss you. But I did, I do and I will.
  22. Someone misses you so much, its not your family nor your relatives. Its not even your best friend nor your closest pal. Its just the simple ordinary me, who misses the extraordinary.
  23. You are the reason why I have sleepless nights. You're the reason why I tend to hold my pillow tight. It's you that I'm thinking of when I lay down at night. And you're the reason I can't sleep without saying goodnight.

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  1. This is such a fabulous post about love and relationship. It is very much difficult to maintain the relationship with your loved one because you have to become honest and trustful person if you love someone as well as you should give respect in every work of your partner.

  2. Wow, I never heard it said so well! “In love, very rarely do we win but when love is true, even if you lose, you still win just for having the tingle of loving someone more than you love yourself.” Thanks for a great post

  3. @Jenny thanks for your comment

    @Digital, you’re welcome

  4. Love the third one it’s cool

  5. This is such a wonderful list of text messages & quotes Anthony. The number 1 & 23 are one of my favorites. Looking forward to more great text messages and quotes for our love ones.


  7. Thanks for sharing! Nice collection

  8. Thanks for sharing this Anthony :) There’s a mix of both sentimental and funny texts here! Love it.

  9. jim franklin says:

    It Is a lovely text.keep it up my brother.


  11. crossfavour says:

    hello bro…yur text messages saved,and made my partners love for me stronger…..thanks

  12. Hello
    I am marzieh
    I love my Cousins
    but he dont love me
    he said me: I like you
    but he do not want marry me
    I do not know what can i do
    he lives In another country
    I really love him
    I wanna stay whit him Lifetime
    please help me


    • Since your cousin don’t want to marry, you just have to let him be. He has his reason why he did not want to marry you, maybe you should ask him what is it why he didn’t want to marry you, and let him know how much love you have for him.
      But if he insist, let him go, you can’t marry him against his wish.

    • Did you ever think that every night before I go to bed, I raise my hands to God with my loneliness and pray, that one day I will have you and your love for me only, I pray to God to release you from all your sorrows, take away all your tensions, give you all my happiness…

  13. thanks may Allmighty God bless u

  14. Karunanidhi says:

    Anthony, awesome line buddy…thank i loved it

  15. Being honest to a situation and being honestly attached to a situation are two different things. If you were honest on your part , never think of results because they may be different. Confine your satisfaction to your role only….

  16. Nice words Mr Anthony. Lv ur quote. D trust part realy inspire me becux thatx wat matter in relationship. Tanx

  17. Mr Anthony am becoming the best reader of your sweet messages and at the same time Iam getting more and more love from my wife due to your love and sweet messages. May the Good good Lord continue to bless you and give you more wisdom to write more and more

  18. Never read a better one that discusses love like this….Never knew such an awesome blog exist. You simply amazing with this writeup. Thanks a bunch Anthony.

  19. oladimeji sherif says:

    xup bro, gud pm. Hw i wish i cn b god talented lyk dis, bt all dsame weldone an keep it up , may god bless ur hand work an u shall never wipe b4 it is been given to u. Lov u bro.

  20. D 15th nd 16th one hit me nd intoxicated me most. Well done bro.

  21. Awesome txt u gat on here. All ur txt are so lovely. Keep it up bro. Tnx.

  22. Hello Anthony, how are you doing hope all is well, pls I need ur help I am a man of two kids, but I have a problem with my wife and she said she is no more interested in our relationship pls advice wat can I do , but I still love are sooo much pls advice.

    • You woman that has already has two kids for your want to get out of your relationship with her. If she cannot stay on in that relationship because of you, she should be able to do that because of her children. If none of it will make her to wait, then there is serious problem underlying your relationship.
      With just this your stamen here, I cannot actually tell you what to do because, there are more fact I may need to know before I may say this is what you need to do to make her stay.
      However, you should first of all look into yourself and see those areas where she does not want or some certain behaviour she cannot cope with, and amend your way. You should have her sit down and discuss the issue together, find out what has gone wrong, why do she want to live the relationship and see how you both can compromise in making everything work out. Remember her of the children as well, I know women don’t joke with their children and that maybe a point where you can calm her down.
      Every issue she raises must be addressed without any reserved. If she is not yielding, you may have to consult marriage counsellor within your locality to help you out of the situation. I pray she stay back

  23. super love this message
    “Loving is not how you forget but how you forgive, not how you listen but how you understand, not what you see but how you feel, and not how you let go but how you hold on.”


    • Yes, that is very possible and again you will need to let your partner understand this so that there won’t be any fighting because of that. Although it is very difficult to do but I have seen it happening. If you guy could understand it, there will be no problem but if not you will continuously be quarreling as a result of it.

  25. thanks for advise. I believe i’ll testified soon

  26. Fuaada bazz says:

    My girlfriend has decided 2 leave me 4 someone else.what should i do?

  27. steve benson says:

    I love my girl so much tht if I don’t see her I can cope,
    D fear I have if she really me in returned. Why can I do to knw

  28. Captain Goodrich says:

    Thank you a lot, these wonderful message help me build my 15 years relationship back. I owe you much thanks dude

  29. Ibrahim G.Olakunle says:

    Tnks did ur msg contribed positively to my relationship.

  30. hey there anthony i need help i just wanna ask if the guy i love really love me too cause he always asked for sex with me and im thinking he might love me bc he only want to get that on me and be my first…even though i said to him a lots of time that im not ready. do u think hes serious with me?:(

    • Hi Ijalyn,
      Why would he put sex as his priority, any one that does that does not really love and after you give in easily like, he will not have that much love for you anymore. Another thing you should consider is his age, if he older like 28yrs above, then take a look at the situation around him and try to understand his background to enable you know the kind of person he is. Has he ever been in any relationship before, if yes, what went wrong?
      Just get your statement of fact before you give in, else you may not like the end result. Sleeping with you is not a guaranteed that he love you.

  31. Thanks Mr. Anthony its cleared now to me…
    thanks a lot! Have the best on you .. Godbless you had a really nice quotes.

  32. Penny Emmanuel says:

    I love my wife,true love has no end

  33. Mr anthony pls i have a question to ask and is can someone fall in deep love……and yet you cannot date that person you are deeply in love with?

    • Why not Patrick, if you fall in love with anyone, you can date the person except it she doesn’t want or perhaps, she has been taken away or her heart belongs somewhere else.

  34. Renee Boucree says:

    Love you madly passionately babe now and forever

  35. Prince S Ferdinand says:

    thanks a million times to you brother Anthony for your powerful and encouraing messages,,am very very inspired.I Lost My Fiance In November 2013 and i really want her back.what can i do?

    • Hello Ferdinand,
      Thanks for visiting my blog, your kind words will only encourage me to write more. As per your question, I have a post written on this blog where you can get your ex back and also how to know if your ex still want you. Please go here to read the 2 post. Click Here Now!

  36. Nice one

  37. Abdullahhi Aliyu Lilly says:

    At dis point in tym, i jst hv 2 confns dat dis is my 1st tym of comin acros lov tex messages dat tauches d hat nd feelins of person. tnx 4 ur nble effort.

  38. I hav a gf and i want her 2 knw i luv her so much how can i do dat brother. Coz i new true luv wen i met her pls advc me

    • It will show in the way you treat her, the way you communicate with her but you must be very careful here, don’t over trust her that she is the very true love you’re seeking for. If you start to do that now, she may take you for granted, wait until the both of you are truly mature in that relationship.

  39. hello sir,tank God we hav sm1 lyk u on internet…i toast a gal,she 1st told me she has a bf bt i dnt agree wit her i kip tryin on he until she acpt me as he bf,bt sir d gal hav nt shown me any love,if i text her wit grtings n love mesage she wont reply me,and i ask her she told me she love me even she had never cal me b4 am d 1 caling her,can u plz sir tel me what kind of love is dat.08162591674.

    • Hi Tolu,
      Some girls are just like that, the possible reason is that, she is not really into that love she profess for you. You may need to continue to show her that you really love and care for her. But after like 3 months the situation remain the same, just know that her heart belong to somewhere else where she is concentration more of her attention. I’m sorry, you may have to let her go and look for some other girl who will really have your time and show you love as much as you wanted.
      I hope this help you Tolu.

  40. idera oluwa says:

    Nice piece. God bless u.

  41. Favour Maureen says:

    My name is Favour, i am in love with this guy of 27 yrs old and am just 24 yrs old. when we started dating our focus is on marriage but now it turns out different. recently a man of 40 yrs old proposed to me and another 37 yrs old with two kids. right now am really confused. please advise me.
    Regards Favour Maureen

    • Do you mean your boyfriend of 27 do not want to talk about marriage anymore? There are various reasons why he may not be talking about it now, but is he still showing much care and love as it use to be when you guys first started dating? If yes, both of you should sit down and discuss it, there is something somewhere that will make a man not to talk about the future of his relationship with his girlfriend.
      But if he’s not showing much love and he doesn’t feel concern about the relationship anymore, you may just have to find your way out of the relationship, it is possible is heart is somewhere else and not with you anymore.

      I believe a man of 40 is already looking for who to marry and not just boyfriend and girlfriend stuff, you’re comfortable with him and you find him attractive enough to be your husband, you can go for him.

      For the 37yrs old man, with 2 kids, there is nothing wrong marrying someone with kids, but can you live with a man that already has kids and not having problem with his children, he may love you now but if you begin to have problem with his kids, the love might dwindle because he will not want any problem happening to those kids. It is not easy to live with someone with kids if you’re not mentally prepare to live such life, kids especially when they are not yours can create some feelings within you when they seems to be stubborn.
      Just think about it and go for what you believe is right for you.

  42. Kaymonie says:

    1 & 4 are mai favourite, i now know wat to do wit my gf, after readin some issue related to mine. Tanks alot and God bless u more.

  43. I am SULAIMON OLADAPO by name. I have gilfriend that stays in oo state. I am a student of mooshood Abiola Polythecnic,ojere.Abeokuta.ogun state. The girl love me so much than i do. She call me more than i do.she sacrifices more to the relationship. There is still long years ahead of us. Am afraid if i do not reciprocate she might turn her heart away from me. The distance cant allow me to show the care because am afraid i might be loving the wrong person. Other than calls and messages what are other ways of showing love to a girl at far distance. Hence,we met via one of these social networks. Though,she is also a student. I would be glad if my issue is responded to very well.
    Moreso, i love your messages @ anthony. God bless u and ur family

    • Hello Oladapo,
      I’m afraid your girlfriend will sometimes leave you, you have seen the difficulty already, long distance relationship is not always encourage. She still continue to do all that for you because she has not seen any other guy that interest her enough to forget and once such guy show face, she will surely leave you. I’m not discouraging you but the truth has to be told, I don’t think both of you have seen each other, it is a kind of blind dating.

      If you’re serious about being the real man in her life, you’ll need to find her, go to her school and meet her. Access her to know exactly who she’s, you might really be loving the wrong person just as you said. Remember that OUT OF SIGHT IS OUT OF MIND.

      That’s my little advice for you dear.

  44. Gud day sir, im having serious issues abt my rxtship nd i need ur advice. I hv a boyfriend frm a far distance dt i luv so much, i luv nd care 4 him, i called him d most, but he doesnt showed me any sign of love nd care, he never calls, pls wat shuld i do?

    • Hi Favour,
      The truth is that, there is every probability that he’s already having another girlfriend over there.
      Personally, I don’t like distance relationship because often times, it does not work out, it is not easy be in relationship with someone you don’t see for some time. Out of sight is out of mind, even if one of you is still trying to keep the second person, there is probability that the second person will not be able to hold on long for such relationship.
      Whenever you call him, ask to speak his church mind, what he thinks about the relationship, why is he not showing much commitment as it was before, if he has gotten another women, he should just let you know so that you can move on with your life.
      And one more important thing, don’t be emotional about it, because your heart will not be able to bear it if he said he’s considering ending the relationship.


      • well you write so well dear friend, but you must understand that, so many men, don’t love saying good bye ear sly like you think , yes it may be truth that he had another woman, something times wrong, i can use my self as example,, i have a girl that i have never seen she called me always, but the truth is that things are not going well with me this time i don’t even have money to eat,,earthier to call , her,, please check if that guy is in my chose right now, and remember that woman always complain so easy my name is Tony E

        • My response is base on what I was told, since we’re not talking one on one so as to ascertain what really went wrong. I can only assume base on experience and research work.

  45. i am really deep in love wit a girl call Camilla who made me to love him so much but now he doesn’t accept to date me for love but just friends i am so mad please help me .

  46. i am really deep in love wit a girl call Camilla who made me to love her so much but now he doesn’t accept to date me for love intimately but just friends i am so mad please help me .she is the only one i have ever loved .

  47. Verry interesting! Keep it up Mr author

  48. This is absolutely cool Mr Anthony.

  49. I’m Elias,21 years old I met this girl on facebook I proposed her nd she denied my proposal but a did win her nd she’s crazy about me we nvr met b4 wht can I d to save awer relationship cz a can’t affrd to luz her she mean the world t me. Help me Mr Anthony if posible you can use my email.

    • Make arrangement to meet her in person and do confirm that it is actually the person you saw on facebook and you like what you see physically.
      It is a different story when people appear in real life, they look different from what you do see in the virtual life (facebook kind of life).
      when both of you meet, you can discuss things further on how to better your relationship and that’s when you can begin to know who you’re dealing with, else you’d find it difficult to cope with.

    • fru claude ronaldo says:

      Pls i have a prob the girl i love does not want to understand my feelings what can i do to solve this

      • Prove to her how much and how genuine is your love for her.
        She has not been convinced of your love yet or maybe she’s into another guy already. Why not find out before offering your undiluted love.

  50. Larry Morris says:

    love you

  51. emmanuel victor says:

    Wow wah a gud site av been missn oooo

  52. hie mr man. am getting how to love someone through these love messages. bt most of time i become shy as aresult i failled to say what i want to my lover. help me how can i deal with it.

  53. Michael Son says:

    great work Anthony!! ur love quotes are very practical and sensible,they came to my need very greatly when I was in the hour of need!!! keep going!!! love u bro!!!

  54. tabak maxwell says:


  55. Their is girl dat I love so much bt some time she we behav dat am shetin her bt am nt doing dat to her if I told her dat am nt doing she we say is a lie so wat can I do .

    • Prove your innocent to her, she’s suspecting something and until you come out to tell her about it, she won’t belief you. You can have a heart to heart talk with her to figure out why she said you’re cheating on her.

  56. nice 1 Antony salam hamdiya

  57. tanks i really got an answer frm dis nd dis gave me sumtin 2 write on tanks i love u its inspiring though i am just 12 i knw nd undastand wat it means to doubt ur luv, love sum1, nd be hurt by love but over everything u loved sum1 tanks

  58. Charles Nlemchi says:

    There is this girl i meet on facebook we got admission in the same university the first day i meet her in the school she was such a nice girl she trusted me and i never opened my mouth to tell her that i want both of us to date, but the first day i told her that i love her but she never believed me. and she love’s me and i know that, we are even morethan that close friends but i dont actually know how to show up to her that i love her truely. What do i do?

    • You’ve already told her you love her, the game has started, the fire of love is burning right now and you don’t have to go to any extreme to satisfy, just be yourself, care for her and don’t forget to show that you’re a man too which mean not being too nice at all time. Continue to tell her you love whenever you have the opportunity, it is not something to shy away from if truly you mean it.

      You can take her out even if you think you don’t have much with you, it doesn’t matter, anything you buy for her will show you care for her, at least she knows you’re not working, the little things you do now will mean a lot to her.

  59. prince khalisoft says:

    well done mr Anthony… Really loved your write ups…

  60. king blings salvadorian says:

    love is a four letter word that takes u unaware,love is natural,love brings out the best of a person,as day gets older the love become stronger,with love ur lost nd never found,love is the key to a broken heart,love is sensitive,love finds u where ever u are.

  61. there is this girl i love so much but she dont love me back want can i do for her to love me coz i have done anything possible

  62. Hi,m inlove wif this girl m sure she loves me too….we r already dating. when we started I showered her wif love n attention, I mean calling texting n everything but nowadays she doesn’t call hardly replies my ping n get angry at little things. v tried not to call her but dude the spirit is willing but the body is week it’s like if I don’t hear from her I might die… I really need help,I don’t wanna lose my baby….What do I do

  63. I have a girl friend, I bought phone for and I will be the to subscribe on the and is using the phone to chat with another guy in my presence and when ever I said I don’t like it she said is just online chat. which kind of girl is this?

    • She’s not the serious type of girl, at least she should have given you that honour for being with her at that moment and not chat with any other person. she’s not serious, she still want to flirt with as many guys as possible. You can’t really blame her anyway, she might still be young and not ready to any kind of serious relationship you want.

      Make your stand known to her, if she try it again in your presence, then don’t pay for the phone subscription again, you deserve the respect and if she cannot give you that respect, it’s sure, the girl is not for you.

  64. i am having a serious problem with my girl friend about rejecting my calls,she normally use to reject my call,if i ask her why she will tell me she was,nt with her phone,and she has been doing this about three time,but the one she done today made me really angry,so i just want to send a text message to her,just to tell her i will never call her again.SO WHAT CAN I DO,SHOULD I SEND THE TEXT MESSAGE, OR I SHOULD JUST ENDURE?

    • Hold on, don’t send her such text for now. Confirm your finding, why is she suddenly rejecting your call. There must be something behind and until you find out, you can’t really know why she’s not picking up your call.

  65. hi friend pls i need your advice.my ex girlfriend is getting marry this year and i knw .but she
    kept on telling me she still love me that she cant forget me.she said its not her wish.but her dad’s.she said her dad dont like (YORUBA) im really confuse

    • Just forget about her and move on with your life. Don’t create confusion for yourself in the future, since you know she’s marrying this years, you don’t need to bother yourself about her. Close the chapter to free your heart for other eligible girls available else you won’t see them since you’re still thinking of your ex.

  66. You are the reason why i have sleepless nite, you re the reason why i tend to hold ma pillow tight, its you that i’m thinking of when i lay down @ nigth and you re the reason i cant sleep without saying GOODNITE… WOW NYC POST

  67. i appreciate ur quotes anthony.

  68. About a month ago,mygirl fwend’s reaction towards me has change,i decided 2 discuss wit er dat i suspected som changes bt she never told me d reason.she has stop calling me,until i call her yesterday she told me she is busy with her studies.i wondered about this,cos we both just get admission dis year in different institution.now she hardly pick my calls,pls wat can i do

  69. I love this special girl but I can’t walk up to her and tell her how I feel and I am also a type of shy person, she also is a shy person. Wat can I do in such situation.I am afraid of her telling me no.

  70. im in love wit a very pretty girl but i realy dont no were to start’ pls help me.

  71. I was datin a girl for abt 2years. Suddenly i can’t meet some of her needs bcos of financial challenges. She met someone and quit our relationship. Early dis year she came back to me beging me to forgive her dat she can’t found Joy wit d new guy dispite his money. The issue is dat i just started new relationship wit anoda girl whom i luv so well but we neva hav enough time to study each other well. Pls i need ur advice.

    • Follow your heart, you’ve seen both of them and you know the one you like most. I can’t tell you to chose one over the other but you should try and chose the one you’re sure of staying with you despite the ups and downs you’ll still face in life.

  72. excelsons says:

    thanks Mr Anthony, this posts re doing a lot in keeping relationships… God bless you sir.

  73. senator gabson says:

    mr Anthony, your love quotes are awesome and wonderful. in fact they are on point. more grease to your elbow.
    Am in love with a girl but dont feel loved in return, pls what can i do to salvage the situation.
    need your urgent advice.

    • You need to continue to prove to her that you love her, she’s taking her time before she finally accept the fact that you really love her. Women are like that and you can’t blame her which maybe due to her experienced in the past with guys. You need to prove beyond doubt that you really love and when she finally fall in love with you, she’s in for big time if you don’t fuck her up.

  74. i have a new woman and i love but how do are go about it plz help me out

  75. master authony! im in love wit a gurl but seriously anytyme i was wit her, she seems to be tinking nd if i ask her wat happen she would tell me, i always tried 2 do my best for her.

  76. Benjamin David says:

    Good day sir, I really appreciate ur effort on relationship issues. May God persist to bless u. I’m into a relationship with a lady of 26yrs old, and am 29yrs old. I love her but ain’t convinced if she does likewise for me. She had an ex-boi friend who calls her all the time begging her to come back to him. I live in lagos while she lives in osun state with her parents where her ex stays. She visit me whenever I ask her to come. She shows more keen interest whenever she’s with me or having sex with me. But the moment she leaves my place she would hardly call me. We’ve had several misunderstandings on this her ex guy who keeps calling her and sending her love text messages. Does she really loves me? Can I go ahead and marry her?

    • Hello Benjamin,

      I don’t think she really loves you. My guess is that, she’s not even sure of herself about who to actually follow between and her ex. The problem here is that, she lives in the same state with her ex which makes it easier for her to go visit him whenever she feel she really need someone.
      I’m afraid you might lose her to her ex if something urgent is not done.
      Invite her to your place and have a serious discussion with her about your intention for her and you not being comfortable with what’s going on in your absence right there in Osun State. Ask her if she really want you or if she want to go back to her ex?

      If she want to be with you, then tell her not to get in contact with her ex-boyfriend and that you need her attention more than they way is were before now.
      If she continue to receive call from her ex, she’ll definitely give in one day to the plea coming from the guy and because they are within the same state, it makes it easy for them to reunite again.
      Your case is more of a distance relationship which require her sincerity at all time because there’ll be lots of suspects from both side.
      Let her tell you who she actually want and stop wasting your time.
      Remember that a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. It will only pain you for some weeks after which you will move on and find someone who lives in Lagos with you and that you can have access to her every time you desire.
      I wish you best of luck with her.

  77. Hello mr anthony my name is kayode please I have one big problem with the girl I love, I love the girl and am trying to show my feelings to her but since last year december till now she did not accept me please mr Anthony what can I do?

    • Give her some break and if need be, just move on and find other girls who might be interested in what you want to offer. There’re lots of them out there waiting. It is because you don’t take your eyes off her that’s why you seem not to see another girls. Just leave her alone if she’s not responding and move on.

  78. Hi,i nid ur help i love sum1, hu claims to love me back,his so caring nd understndg to me,bt he has nvr talk if e wants to marry me or nt,aldough we just a mnth in d relationship,we nvr talkd abt us our relationship,but on difrnt issues aldough funny bt nvr abt us or our relationship,i dnt kno if e loves me or nt just romantic

    • Please note; if you want me to response to your questions of comment, write your words completely, I don’t like reading people’s short or abbreviated words, it doesn’t make sense to me.

      Your relationship is too young, take your time to study each other. He can tell you that he wants to marry you now until he’s convince of who you are, he does not know much about you I guess and you too don’t really know much about him. I’m sure you’ve not seen the other side of him and knows how he can handle things.
      Please take your time to know more about him. Thanks

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