Top 3 Beauty Mistake That Turn Guys Off

We all love to look nice, cute, elegant, and if possible stainless throughout our day. Our natural self is put away in most time and we try to apply all sorts of beauty makeup to look more beautiful. There is no crime in trying to portray ourselves as someone guys have to take a second look when we walk along the road, but doing things beyond the necessary can result in getting the opposite of what we are trying to present. Your intention is for men to fall in love with you.
Turn off Beauty Mistake

Lots of beauty mistake ladies make turn most guys off, and we hardly noticed it, so many suitors have gone pass us without us knowing what actually caused it. You might need to take another look into how you do your make up, the applications, foundation and stuffs like that. Those beauty mistakes can be corrected if you can just take that closer look at yourself and learn from the wrong applications of makeup in trying to please guys.

Below are some of the beauty mistakes you can learn from.

1. Too Much Scent:The way you apply your perfume matters a lot, super scented kind of application will get you notice for a turn off. When a lady wears a ton of perfume that irritate guys, guys will not like it and they will not want to talk with you for a long period before discharging you so that you can just go. You might have regarded your perfume as sweet smelling and charming odour but it does not allows guys to breath well, they can’t even taste their drink too, all because of the smell of your perfume. Doing it moderately will give you the more desire result you want. Nobody will ask of your number when they are not comfortable standing your super scented perfume.

2. Wrong Makeup:Guys will not like a lady that her makeup foundation runs in her neckline. This shows that you don’t even appreciate you natural beauty because your natural face will look more beautify than the wrongly applied makeup. That might even shows that you wear too much makeup and unable to blend them properly. Take your time to learn how to perfectly do it and you will see the result in no time with guys wanting to just at least say hi to you.

3. Eyeliner and Lip Gloss: 3. Eyeliner and Lip Gloss:Overloading your eyeliner and too much application of lip gloss is a total turn off for guys it you must know today. The eyeliner and eye shadow will make you look prettier if properly applied but if not your looks may take a resemblance of that of a masquerade. You lip gloss should be lighter and not that think and ready to stain anything that come closer to it. Guys won’t want to kiss you because doing that means they are going to wear your lip gloss too and that wouldn’t make them wanting to stay around you.

Learning to do it right will pay you on the long run, why not take your time now and learn the act of makeup. Makeup for any outing whatsoever will require you to do it properly, whether is casual outing or party makeup outing, doing it well will give you the much needed attention you desire in your life.

Love and Peace!

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  1. I know, most of our beautiful girls won’t appreciate their natural beauty. They don’t accept that they are pretty than wearing makeup. Anyway I have seen so many beautiful girls out there who is doing these mistakes. Especially the lip gloss matter.

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