Why Women With Sense Of Humour Are Irresistible To Men

Why Women With Sense Of Humour Are Irresistible To Men

It is a known fact that men who are funny, crack jokes and with lots of entertaining characters find it easier to draw many women to them, and lots of women as well always want to be associated with men with good sense of humour.

Can this be said of women?

…that men love to be associated with women that their lives are full of good sense of humour…

According to the recent survey carried out by YourTango for 200,000 men, finding out what traits men really love in a woman. Women with sense of humour is occupying the forth position, it is even rated higher than women’s body type.

Why Women With Sense Of Humour Are Irresistible To Men What this mean is that, women with good laugh is much preferable to women’s body type according to how the 200,000 men rated it.

Sexual chemistry is the number one trait, follow by nice smile, kind personality is the third trait while good sense of humour became the fourth traits that most men are attracted to.

Here is why women with sense of humour are irresistible to men

Funny women are being real

Yes! This is so true, just check it yourself, they don’t feel like hiding anything from who they are, they don’t try so hard and or pretend to be someone who they are actually not. Just being themselves and men love it when women don’t feel the pressure of trying to concealed something in other to be someone else.

Women with good sense of humour are not easily offended with light teasing, they can even jokes about themselves and not take to heart what ordinary women will get annoyed with.

Every man that is with a woman that can be herself will not find it challenging trying to impress her because in the first place, there is nothing to impress for, the men just need to be himself too.

In a room where there are different women with hot legs and sensational body shape with frowning faces mixed with woman that is jovial with lots of smile on her face, even though she may not have the body shape but she will attract more men to herself than the other boring women.

Men feel good when they are with humorous women.

Even if his office work is so stressful for the day, he’s guaranteed of coming back home to meet someone who will easily ease off that stress from him.

It is a natural thing for a man to always wanting to be with woman who make him smile, laugh and have fun. The laughter active a hormone is his brain that makes him feel happy and forget about the worries of the day.

However, there are limitations to being funny with men you should be aware of. [Also Read; Romantic sms teasers, hilarious, amusing that get you curious ]

For instance, when your teasing is going beyond the exciting and loving side and enters into the criticism with disrespect stage, you won’t want such man to love being with you.

Another point worthy of note is that, you should not be teasing him about his insecurity especially when both of you are in the public eye.

Your being humorous shouldn’t be threatening to any man, you should not crack jokes that his friend will laugh at but make him look stupid

To be factual, the best type of bantering to use is actually ‘compliments in disguise’ – where you tease a guy about his more good-looking and desired traits, rather than his inadequacies.

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