What Women Lie About That You Should Not Believe

What Women Lie About That You Should Not Believe

Lying has become natural things for many women, men too are not saints in this regard, but women seems to be taking the upper hands and when women lie to you, you’ll almost believe her except you already know the truth.

But the fact that you know the truth doesn’t make women feel worsening about telling the lie except when there is nowhere to run to, and then you can be sure of her confession. However, there are some words or statements made by women that you should never ever believe when you hear it from women.

What Women Lie About That You Should Not BelieveEveryone’s lie and there is nothing anyone can do about it, though the degree of lie varied, some are totally harmful while some are just a way to ease out some unpalatable situations.

Men lie too just as women but women lie differently than men in the sense that, women omit and misguide the truth and they are always convinced that they are taking into consideration everyone else but herself when they lie.

So, here are what women say that they don’t mean. In other words, don’t believe that shit.

I Can Only Do this or That For My Husband

Seriously, most women do claim to have a list of what they will do for their husband when they get married. Which mean, those thing on the list are not doable for now until marriage comes.

Don’t believe it, it all lie, if she is not doing it for you, she is doing it for someone else somewhere who she’s never going to get married to and besides, what any women cannot do now, what is the guarantee that it will be done when she’s in her husband house. Don’t just believe the “I can only do this for my husband” big lie because if you do, you’ll only be sold even at higher price than you could imagine.

I’m Fine

This is the single most common lie women ever told me. If you ask your girlfriend how is she doing and she answer you with “I’m fine”, and you just take it to be the truth, you are on a long thing, you’ve never started to understand women.

What she’s trying to tell you is that, there are many thing disturbing her right now but she is expecting you to ask further question, which if you fail to do that, you’re going to have some serious difficulty in that your relationship with her. [Also Read; Why You Should Never Buy Her Any Gift If You Want to Win Her]

All you need to do in this case is to just probe further, mix your questions with some other sweet talk and you’ll begin to hear about huge challenges facing her and then, you’ll begin to think but you said you’re fine which mean everything is okay with you.

Give me a minute I’ll be with you, let me dress up

You had better get a seat, look for a small booklet to read or play with your phone because you’re in for nothing less than 30 good minutes. She still need to smile with her mirror to perfect how she’ll smile with you and to everyone out there for that occasion, she still need to apply her overpriced makeup products, turn around to check her butt, and so many other application. If she’s through by that 30 minutes, you’re even lucky to be going out with such woman.

So, give me a minutes, is just a big lie from women.

There are so many other lie that are associated with women but this three just stand out on my part and I know you have some other ones, you want to add. Please feel free to use the comment box below for the addition, contribution and suggestion. Don’t also forget to like my Facebook Fan Page Here.

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