Why Women Should Know That Not All Men Are the Same

Why Women Should Know That Not All Men Are the Same

Ask any woman who has had some bad relationship, her opinion about all men. I’m sure you will not hear anything positive about men. Some ladies who have experienced bad dating or bad relationship will tell you, that all men are goat.. What!. And they are ready to prove that to you if you care to see the proven fact in their possession.

Why Women Should Know That Not All Men Are the SameBut can this be true that all men are the same? Obviously not, all men are not the same, although it is often said that, there are many boyfriends material and very few husbands material. Most guys are just out there to test the water but that doesn’t mean all of the guys are the same unserious set of human being, which wanted to just be in relationship and see how it looks like.

But come to think of it, is it not the ladies themselves that love to put themselves into the hand of bad guys because they are more romantic and straight to the point? But the end result is not always palatable.

I’m not here to defend guys; I’m just stating the obvious. Of course, not all relationship will lead to marriage, there will be disagreement along the way and if it cannot be resolved, partner may go separate way. But one things is sure here, that relationship that doesn’t work out, each person involves has learnt something great that will help him/her in the next relationship. This is because, the not too good relationship has taught them what they don’t want in relationship and that was why the relationship cannot continue, they don’t get what they desire in it.

So, women shouldn’t judge all men based on what they have experienced in the hands of some few men. There are many great men out there waiting for them, and if you find any married women and ask them the same question of why do women consider all men to be the same. They will want to support the assumption but will still go ahead and tell you that, their husband is exceptional among all men. That’s a prove that all men are not the same.

The bottom line is that, the wrong guy can cause a woman to hate all men…However the RIGHT man can show her not all men are the same

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