Why You Should Not Date a Coworker; Undeniable 5 Facts

Why You Should Not Date a Coworker; Undeniable 5 Facts

There is this popular saying that, “wherever you work is where you will eat”, you won’t be working in Microsoft and be eating at Apple company. But that situation may not apply exactly to dating in working place for some undeniable fact I will be letting you know shortly. Of course there will be more to eat (to date) in your company but it may cause you some unnecessary headache you could have easily avoided.

Why You Should Not Date a CoworkerThese 5 pointers will help you understand why you should not date a coworker

1. Company Policy

There is every possibility that dating a coworker is against the company policy, you may not have been informed about it and it is also possible that you don’t read about it in the company policy booklet handed over to you. But that will not be an excuse, if the company found out that you’re dating someone from the organization. You may have to face the consequence alone or both of you might be ask to resign or get sack for violating company policy.

2. If one of you gets promoted to managerial level, what will happen thereafter?

 How will you be able to cope and perform your professional duties when the person you’re dating is under you without being bias? And again, will you not be bias when handling issues or addressing situation that has your partners hands in it? When it is time for assessment and appraisal, how will you be able to access your partner professionally without any favoritism which will be obvious to the rest workers under you as time goes on? The truth is that, you will find it very difficult to carry out your professional duties when it will involve your date at the lower cadre. [Read; My boss is flirting with me; ways to save your relationship]

3. Breakup can happen, how will you be able to cope?

You can’t imagine the discomfort you will begin to experience at work whenever you set your eyes on him or her when you eventually breakup. This will definitely affect your productivity and psychologically affect your life. One of you might decide to sue the other person for harassment. It is sure that you can’t cope with him or her especially if you happen to be in the same department. If fact, since company don’t know anything about it, you might even be paired to carry out some duties and what will you do in that instance? Disobey your boss and risk being query or allow your discomfort to ruin your love for the job? These are obvious reasons why you need to think twice before dating someone in the same organization.

4. Jealous will frequently visit you

Seeing your partner with other young handsome and intelligent guys or beautiful ladies talking and laughing will create some uneasiness within you. You’ll become jealous of his or her interaction with them. If it happens that your date is pair with another person you consider to be your rival in the office, you can only imagine your level of jealous you will be experiencing from time to time and that will make you lose concentration on your job.

5. Boredom will surely set in

When you continue to see the same person every time, at home, office, weekday’s, weekend and everywhere, boredom will set in as there will not be any stories to share, there will not be how do you spend your day or how has your day being. When you date someone outside your work place, it allow open communication about your day to day activities and those things will sound interesting to both of you as you share your days activities with each other.

I believe these 5 undeniable facts why you should not date a coworker will help you in decided how you want your date to look like, and if you can’t fight it, some suggest you request for transfer to another department, but there is the possibility you will still want to visit as far as you’re still in the same company. I will suggest you go find another job if you can’t let him or her goes.

Let me throw it open to you now, how will you be able to cope with situation like this? Feel free to make your contribution on the subject matter using the comment form below and don’t forget to like my facebook fan page as well as help share this post using any of the social media icons.

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