What Causes Genital Itching And How To Take Care Of It

What Causes Genital Itching And How To Take Care Of It?

Genital itching is one of the little discomfort males and females do experience at the genital area which is caused by many conditions. The discomfort start with little uneasiness which sometimes, when being scratched, produces some kind of sweet feelings but as the situation get worse, the pain begin to show up with great discomfort.

What Causes Genital Itching And How To Take Care Of It?Genital itching can be caused by any of these conditions; skin irritation, allergies, sexually transmitted infections like herpes (with genital herpes men and women’s symptoms may recur on and off, for years, these include ulcers, itching, pain and scabs to name a few) or trichomoniasis, yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis. Others include pubic lice (crabs) which are sexually transmitted and scabies which can be caused by either sexual means or skin-to-skin contact. Scabies is caused by very small mites and can affect any part of the body.

In some cases, genital itching can clear up by its own if it is caused by irritation when the irritatant is remove, others will require more treatments to clear them up.

Genital itching cause by irritation are as a result of exposure to certain chemicals in soaps, lubricants, douches, perfumes, cream and some female hygiene products. When any of this irritants is remove when they cause irritation, the itching will clear away. But if after avoiding the exposure of suspected products and the itching still remain, you may need to seek the help of a medical professional.

In case of allergies, the same treatment just like that of irritation will suffice enough to do away with it, once there is avoidance of the allergen.

How Can Genital Itching be taken care of?

For male, it is essential you wash your organ well and for the uncircumcised male; the area under the foreskin also should be wash after urination.

It is also important to ensure your genital area is always dry, free of moisture because the presence of moisture can lead to infections. I think powder like Cornstarh or other powers can help to keep the genital areas free of moisture.

Female should ensure to wipe from back to front of the genital area after bowel movement or urination, this help prevent bacterial infection from the anus to get into the female organ (V.agina).

Female should also avoid some chemical products which can upset the acidic balance of the v.agina, such product may include; perfumes, v.agina douches and other feminine hygiene sprays (panty liners, pads, soaps).

These pointers also will help you to avoid genital itching

  • After taking your bath, ensure you clean thoroughly and dry off every water around your genital.
  • Avoid staying in wet clothes for longer time
  • If your partner is being affected, ensure you wear protection before sleeping with him or her.
  • Make use of mild soap and ensure you rinse well
  • Use unscented laundry detergent to wash your underwear.
  • Don’t wear tight-fitted cloths which will prevent the passage of air into the area thereby causing moisture and irritation.
  • Ensure your underwear is changes at least in every 24hrs

If you can keep up with these points, you’ll be able to prevent genital itching cause by irritation, allergies and sexual contact. [Read; Parenting hygiene discussion with children]

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