Wedding Suit Styles: How To Choose A Suit Style For Your Wedding

Usually when we think of men’s wedding attire, traditional tuxedos is the first thing that comes to our mind. Just like women, men also have choices when it comes to wedding suit styles. Though men may not have as many choices as women, there are choices all the same. Wedding suits comes in different fabrics, colours and styles, and whatever you choose should coordinate with the rest of your wedding theme.

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Here are some different types of  wedding suit styles most commonly worn by grooms:

The Morning wedding Suit styles

This is a traditional design used mostly for formal weddings. The coats are black or gray with a single button at the waist and one broad tail at back. It consists of a tailcoat, waistcoat, and (striped) trousers.

Dinner  wedding suit styles 

The dinner suit is the first suit worn, among all suits these days. Dinner suits are basic black tie suits generally in dark colors and traditional fit. Lately, slim fit is preferred. This usually comes in classic white or ivory or a subtle pattern of the same, with peaked lapels or shawl collar. It is considered an appropriate substitute for a standard tuxedo.

Modern Day Suit

This is a simple, elegant, preferably slim-fit (depending on the groom) two piece suit that can be easily accessorized with a fun colorful tie to coordinate with the bridal party.

A Tuxedo

The tuxedos are ultra formal and the ultimate in the suit line. It can be stylized for the ceremonial wear. A black or gray jacket with a single button is the most classic. It is often worn with matching flat-front or one-pleat trousers, bow tie, and suspenders, vest, or cummerbund.

Slim Cut 3 Piece wedding Suit styles

This is a dapper and fun alternative for men who wants a touch of formality and yet look modern and fresh. Smart choice of cufflinks and tie are essential. This look is defined by a well-cut suit, so choose wisely.

Tail Jacket

This is a jacket that’s short in front with two longer tails hanging in back. It is worn with braces (suspenders) and a white pique shirt, vest, and bow tie.

The Right Wedding Suit for Your Wedding

Aside from the personal style of the groom, choosing the right wedding suit should also be a function of the type of wedding event. Wedding outfit for men varies from laid back and casual to black-tie formal.

Beach Casual

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Yes, more Nigerian couples are now opting for destination and beach weddings. But sadly, not all grooms get their outfits right. Casual wedding attire for men is apt for a beach wedding. This could be a loose-fitting shirt made of cotton or linen and a pair of cotton or linen slacks. A light sport jacket can also give a beach casual wedding outfit more of a suit-feel. Grooms can either go barefooted or pair the outfit with sandals or slip-on shoes.


Although it can be often hard to distinguish between a formal and a semi-formal wedding in Nigeria, the truth is that there is a difference. A court wedding, or small wedding scheduled on a week day can fall into this category. A typical men’s semi-formal wedding attire is a scaled-down suit. The groom should be dressed in a jacket and pants, preferably with a tie.


Formal weddings are larger weddings which may or may not include a church service. Men’s formal wear could be a 3 piece suit or a Tuxedo jacket and pants, along with a cummerbund or vest. The tuxedo jacket can be either single breasted, double breasted or three buttons, based on groom’s preference. Both bowties and neckties are acceptable and should match the colours of the bridal party.


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