Wedding Reception DIY Treats And Interactive Bar Ideas

If you’re searching for a way to give your wedding guests opportunity  for wedding reception DIY treats, you may wish to provide or  set up a station that offer delicious make-it-yourself treats or interactive bar activities that will make every get involved and have fun. It’s as well a way to surprise your guests and create a personal stamp on the wedding day celebration.

To   help your inspiration, we have provided in this article a few wedding reception DIY treats and interactive bar ideas you may love to try for your wedding day celebration or wedding reception.

Wedding reception DIY Biscuits treats

Let your guests help themselves to freshly-baked buttermilk biscuits and let them choose any setting up they like.

wedding reception DIY

Wedding reception DIY Mimosas Bar

Try a make-it- your-own mimosa bar brimming with an assortment of fruit, juices, and champagne. This is a perfect wedding reception DIY treats and interactive bar ideas for a brunch or lunch reception.

Wedding reception DIY Pickles bar treat

Create a bombshell cocktail hour with a bar fully stocked with crispy pickles of all forms, from sweet and sour to dill and spicy, together with other pickled veggies such as green beans and beets for your guests.

Candy Apples

Try a DIY caramel apple bar. This wedding reception DIY tip is a fun filled reception idea for a wedding celebration that occurred during fall.


Offer fresh-popped popcorn with an array of sweet-and-salty seasonings for guests to enjoy throughout the wedding festivities.

Fresh Herbs

Instead of rice, invite guests to fill a paper cone with fresh herbs like sage, rosemary, and lavender to toss during the recessional.


As an alternative, you can decide to have an interactive confetti bar with jars of multicolored glitter and sequins for guests to throw during the close of the wedding celebration or afterwards on the dance floor.

Make a Special Toast

Rather than throwing an expensive tasting bar, you can choose a single toast with most wanted liquor. You can try tequila toasts, if it is special to the couple. Then you can reduce the quantity everyone drinks, which helps you to serve better quality liquor.

You can also decide to throw an Informal After-Party

Some brides go for after-party that’s nearly as complicated as the reception. But what majorities of guests actually look forward to is merely to let loose. You can limit some planning time by hiring a bus or van that would drop guests off at a local nightclub.

You may wish to go with them if you choose, or just organize some private time with your groom instead of a party late at night. As a standard, the bride and groom don’t go to the party.

A  Dessert Buffet

You can make assumptions that the majorities of your guest posses a sweet tooth. Thus, let your guests take part in creating their very own dessert. A cupcake-making place is another invention of the popular hot fudge station.

Have a good number of trays of different flavors and colors: a guest might decide to stack crushed Oreos on a chocolate butter cream cupcake or put on top of a red velvet cupcake cream cheese. Offering this form of DIY treat to guest would definitely bring out the children aspect of every one of your guest!

If you’re planning to have your wedding during a period when the weather situation is usually warm, you may wish to play and have some fun with refreshments. Try and serve a wistful, longing and fun Sno-Cone station.

You can either rent a shaved-ice machine from a caterer or a wedding party rental business. Incorporate a choice of multi-colored syrups and even your favorite apres-dinner liqueurs.

You can go for frozen White Russian types, Orange top shinny Ice with Grand Marnier, or dark red Port and Berry. This will serve as the hit of your wedding party.

Your wedding day celebration is all about sharing experience together with your guests. You will know that your wedding day is a great success when your invited guests leave fulfilled and with a feeling that they have had a magnificent day out.


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