How to Plan a Crazy Indian Wedding on a Budget

How to Plan a Crazy Indian Wedding on a Budget?

Planning a wedding on a budget can be quite stressful. But not anymore! Try these wedding planning ideas to plan a crazy, memorable Indian wedding with the best Indian wedding decorations and food!

Weddings are such a blissful time in India. In fact, the country is well-known for organizing some of the most beautiful weddings, with colours, decorations, traditions and customs all well-defined. But planning a wedding in India, on a budget can be quite stressful, especially because unlike Western weddings, Indian weddings have too many rituals and traditions. But you don’t have to worry! We have jostled together a few tips for you, which will help in planning a crazy Indian wedding on a budget!

How to Plan a Crazy Indian Wedding on a BudgetHire a Wedding Planner

Other people will tell you that hiring the wedding planner is the last thing you might want to do when on a budget. But this is just plain wrong! Wedding planners, especially the best ones are known for organizing weddings of a variety of budget. Their expertise in the field ensures that you can find the best solutions for spending your finances and staying under your budget. Of course, make sure that you communicate clearly and explain your requirements with the budget so that the planner can assess everything!

Avoid bloating the guest list

Want to save a few thousand bucks? Then avoid bloating your guest list. There are just too many event in an Indian wedding. And if you keep on inviting all the guests every day, then you are going to go way beyond your budget. So, avoid inviting everyone to every function. Keep a few ceremonies restricted to your loved ones and make the main event or your reception the grandest function! That shall help in saving a lot.

Choose themed decorations

Indian wedding decorations are vast. And the best way to save money on them is to opt for themed decorations. Once you have decided the theme and colours for the wedding, choosing everything becomes easier. But if you don’t decide on it, you will be buying anything that looks randomly good, then buy more and more items to complement or contrast the previous purchases. So, planning beforehand comes in handy!

Contact a local university

You don’t have to spend too much of money hiring DJs or singers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t plan a crazy Indian wedding. Visit a local university and put up flyers for singers or DJs and there will be so many young, enthusiastic, talented people who will work within your budget. Their music and capabilities will get them exposure, while you will get rocking music at the wedding.

Go Simple with Invitations

Most of the time, those invitations you sent out for the wedding will be thrown once the wedding the over. Ouch! Ouch! So, why waste your money? When on a wedding, go simple with invitations. Maybe a photo of you and your partner, some basic design (you can design on your own or take help from some tech-savvy relative) and then get it printed at cheaper prices by getting quotes from different printers. Fuss free, isn’t?

So, go ahead and try these ideas.

CTA- Do you have any other ideas for organizing a crazy wedding on a budget?

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