Cost Effective Ideas to Cut Down Your Wedding Expenses

Cost Effective Ideas to Cut Down Your Wedding Expenses

May be very few, I have never seen anybody that does not want their wedding to be exciting and memorable. If the issues of the cost of organizing a great wedding could be dodged somehow, I think couples will not mind inviting the whole world as guest, but the fear of wedding event cost cut short the many excitement. Though some wedding event are still more elaborate especially to the sons and daughters of business mogul who want to show to the world how successful they are. [Read; How to save your money on wedding expenses]

Cost Effective Ideas to Cut Down Your Wedding ExpensesNow coming down to why you are here, cost effective ideas to cut down wedding event expenses. I must first state it here that, these ideas may not work for everybody depending on your location or cultural background but that does not make it less effective way of cutting down wedding event expenses.

Below are the cost effective ideas to cut down your wedding expenses

Downsize your wedding guest list

This is very important because the numbers of guest you have will determine how much you’re going to spend as everyone that come to your wedding must eat and drink something. Trimming down the numbers of people you’re going to be invited will go a long way in reducing cost of your wedding events. You can check one of my articles here, where I talked about people you should not invite on your wedding day.

Change day from the normal or the fanciest day “Saturday”

There is no one rule that said all wedding must be done on Saturday and besides that, most Saturday are booked for wedding event and often times, make things difficult. The rent of hall for reception, wedding planner, chairs and tables always go up on Saturday when there are lots of wedding taking place. Why not consider any other day of the week (Thursday sound good) or probably on Sunday for your wedding ceremony.

Don’t go for engraving wedding invitation card

Work with your budget, you can change the list but not the budget if the list will make you spend more than you budget for. Regular invitation card will also the job that expensive engraved wedding invitation card will do.

Don’t go borrowing for your wedding

Starting a married life with debt is not the best option for any new couple in this world. You should remember that issues of money is one of the major causes of divorce and a new wedded couple starting up with inherited debt might not have the best of their early years of marriage.

Reception Venue Consideration

While hotel and some great hall around the country are very good place for wedding reception, don’t disregard village hall, town hall, church hall or local sport club hall. All of these will help you cut down cost of hiring some great hall and make it fit into your budget.

Wedding cake consideration

Wedding cake from specialist can cost an arm and a leg, instead of making massive cake that will eat deep into your budget why not make small one for the show and then another plain one to serve the guest. If you have relatives that knows how to decorate cake, give it to them to help you cut the cost of expensive cake. [Read; Wedding cake design options you may consider]

Seek for friend and family help for Music

The cost of hiring DJ and MC can also eat deep into your wedding budget, depending on your location and state. Why not seek for assistance from friends who knows about music and the one that can co-ordinate the wedding programme to assist you. You will only need to rent speakers and some few musical gadgets and everything will be handled by your friends and family.

You can as well get some selected music and burn them in a CD to be played on the wedding day especially if there is need for you and your spouse to dance and show your happiness. [Read; Top 6 Wedding Entertainment Ideas]

There are lots more ways you can look into, on how to reduce cost of your wedding event and follow strictly with your budget.

I hope to hear from you, what other ways you think one can employ to reduce the cost of wedding event and work with minimal budget available? Please use the comment form below for your contribution and don’t forget to help share this article using any of the social media icons below including my Facebook Fan Page Like.

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