Wedding Cake: How To Prepare The Best And Adorable Cake For Your Special Day (2)


What determines the cake’s pricing

Wedding cake is occasionally priced according to size. The intricate nature of the cake decorations also determines the price tag on a particular cake. Fondant icing is more expensive than butter cream icing and for those who want sophisticated molded shapes, exciting colors, or handmade sugar-flower detailing, you definitely need to be thinking of paying a higher price.

How to save on your wedding cake cost

Apart from the main centerpiece cake, order several sheet cakes of the same flavor to serve the guest. Cake tiers are more costly as well as handmade sugar flowers, and specially molded shapes. Think of forgoing them and going for simpler cakes if you hope to save more money.

Facts on Frosting

Decide whether to use butter cream icing or fondant. Butter cream icing is usually more delicious if what you fancy much is the smooth and surreal-like look of fondant, you may consider frosting the cake in butter cream first and then adding a layer of fondant over it.

Consider the Weather

Butter cream is not a good idea during hot weather because they will melt quickly.

Creativity with the cake design

The old form of cake design and decoration is gradually fading away. Nowadays, couples are more comfortable to incorporate their color them into their wedding cake. Some couples in addition as well bring in the color of their jewels into the cake decorations like the pearls, diamonds and rubies. What the bride is wearing can be replicated in the look of cake. The theme of the wedding can also be incorporated into the wedding.

Wedding cake mistakes you must avoid

  • Don’t wait till the last-minute to order your cake especially if you are looking for a custom-made cake. Special ingredients and decorations occasionally need to be ordered and in some instances made from the scratch which requires a lot of experimentation.
  • Secondly, don’t get many people involved in deciding your choice of cake. Keep the number of people to accompany you to make selection to 1 or two.

Cake decorations

The cake decorations as well vary depending on what you want. The cheapest decoration is to adorn the cake with fresh fruits or flowers. If you want delicate gum paste or sugar paste flowers made by the hand, a petal after another, you must consider paying a higher rate.

Choosing a wedding cake decoration

Choosing all your wedding decorations can seem overwhelming, but once your color scheme is in place, the rest becomes much simpler. Those key colors can be incorporated into the gowns, the flowers, tableware and even the wedding cake, which will become the centerpiece of your reception.

Wedding cakes nowadays are not merely for eating. A lot of them are fashioned for the sake of decoration. Bold colors are currently turning out into a more cherished and sought after colors for wedding cakes. Again, by and large the color scheme for the wedding celebration will say aloud exactly what colors to use, but when you choose cautiously, the wedding cake can integrate the entire reception color theme completely. Together with bright, bold colors, some wedding cake decorators are able to offer sharp angles and multifaceted arithmetical details.

In the past, the groom’s cake was a fruit cake that was portioned out as a take-home favor. In the current days, these wedding cakes are over and over again amusingly decorated to be a sign of the groom’s interests and hobbies.

How to Decorate a Wedding Cake

Immediately, the frosted cake layers are brought to the reception venue, the next thing to do is to stack the tiers and add some finishing touches.

  • Before stacking the cake tiers you would need additional support.
  • You can either purchase cake supports or merely cut artificial drinking straws to the actual length depending on your size of cake.
  • Straws ought not to extend to more than a quarter of an inch on top of the cake’s top surface.
  • A pair of tweezers can assist you to hold the straws and drag them out if there is any need for more spick and span.
  • If your base layer flat, lay an unsoiled cardboard cake around the straw supports and squat down to eye level to verify.
  • Cautiously lower the subsequent tier onto the bottom layer. Allow it to stand straight over the bottom layer to ensure that it is centered. It is simpler if you have someone to assist you. An extended make up for spatula can help you avoid hollowing out the icing with fingertips.
  • When every one of the cake tier have been put in their proper position; then go ahead to cover up any flaws and the gap between the layers with piped frosting.

My Top 5 wedding cake Tips

  • Taste the cake and ensure that you are comfortable with the taste before making a final selection
  • Don’t wait till the last minute to order your cake especially if you are looking for a custom-made cake. You may not get what you want if you are on the rush and short of time.
  • When you are selecting the wedding cake for your wedding day, endeavor to give the cake decorator color swaths to work with. Incorporate your wedding colors into your cake decoration to produce a centerpiece that will bring an added beauty to your special celebration.
  • Decide on the type of icing to use on the cake; fondant or butter cream icing. Take into consideration the weather condition and your fancy when making a choice of cake icing
  • Whatever you choose to do with your cake, always check back on your budget and ensure that you don’t go over the limit. You can follow the following link to read the first series of this article on wedding cake.

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