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Cakes have played a great part in weddings all through history. Cutting the wedding cake together by married couples is still a predominant ritual at weddings. It symbolizes the couple’s unity, their shared future, and their life together as one. When the bride and groom take a piece of the cake and feed it to each other, once again, they are showing how they have given everything they have to each other, and how they will care for each other as one flesh.


The Wedding Cake is obviously one of the major highlights of the wedding reception and by choosing the right wedding cake you can make an impressive impact on your guests. In modern Western culture, the cake is usually on display at a position all wedding guest can see. In more recent times, they are more of a centerpiece to the wedding and are not always even served to the guests.

Sadly, I’ve seen many brides concentrate more on the outward look of the cake; its colour and design rather than the taste, fillings and other important aspects. I can’t stress this enough. Arrange for a cake tasting before the cake is ordered.

The wedding cake is usually displayed from the beginning of the reception, so choose a filling and icing that can last for the period of time. If you’ve got unique light for the room, add a spotlight for the cake table. Otherwise, place it somewhere well lit and in full sight of the guests.

Whatever your choices are, don’t wait till the last minute to order your cakes. Start planning early.

General Context

The wedding cake is one of the most important things to consider for a wedding. You would only get very few wedding without a cake at its center. Before making a choice of a wedding cake it is wise to get yourself acquainted with everything that is necessary about wedding cakes. The more knowledgeable you are the better choice of cake you would make for your special day.

A wedding cake is very much  part of an official wedding as the bride’s gown and the champagne toast, and conventionally, sharing the first slice of wedding cake represents the bride and groom’s initial act of sharing in their marital life. Many couples make use of ceremonial wedding cakes as central pieces at their wedding receptions. Because of these, they just don’t only want their cake to be mouth-watering, but to as well appear gorgeous.

If what you are looking for is a wedding cake for a formal wedding, reflect on a structured cake with multiple steps. Formal wedding cakes are normally ice-covered with graceful designs and can have added extras such like fruit, flowers, or even monograms.

Taste the cake to ensure you love the taste

When you start booking appointments, check out each baker’s scheduled time and date for tastings. At such days, you may be offered invitation to check the samples of the cake you are interested in, ask any question that you may have and review portfolios of each baker.

At tastings you will be able to discover the skill and expertise of the baker as well as have the opportunity to interact with him or her. If you’re using life flower for cake decoration, try and check with the florist that the flowers were not sprayed with any chemical for safety. Ensure that every uneatable decorative material is removed before cutting and serving the cake.

If the cake has numerous flavors, endeavor to have a taste of them all. The taste of basic flavors such as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla will differ depending on the way the cake is made, its formulation, its frosting and other factors. Don’t disregard this. Also try to avoid exotic tasting cakes. They tend to scare away some people who don’t know it from eating them. A good cake baker can make amazing theist out of vanilla.

Make a selection of your cake style

You need to take care of the cake after you have sorted out everything that has to do with dress style and reception decoration. Attending to these before arranging for your wedding cake will provide you with a guide of the design, colour and shape of your wedding cake. Select a cake that’s well-matched with the style of the reception hall, the season, your wedding gown, the floral arrangements, or the menu. If you desire colorful accents like sugar flowers or icing ribbons, provide cloth material swatches to the baker. You ought to make the cake a part of the wedding instead of a dazzling sideshow.

You may want to increase the size of the cake

Commonly, three steps of cake will do for guests between 50 to 100 guests. If you are expecting more guests, you would probably need to increase the steps accordingly. If the wedding reception is in a hall with elevated ceilings, think about increasing the cake’s figure with columns between the steps. A cake that is stacked directly on to each other without separation is just not a good idea.

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