Wearing Lipstick and Looking Glamorous Top 9 Steps

Top 9 Step of Wearing Lipstick and Looking Glamorous

I get pissed-off when I see ladies wearing lipstick improperly, some can’t even take their time to learn it, they just apply it and they do it wrongly, instead of making their appearance look more beautiful they ended up spoiling the natural beauty in their possession. Wearing lipstick is an act and so it has to be learn, it originated from the Mesopotamians in some 5000 years ago.
Wearing Lipstick and Looking Glamorous

When there no name for cosmetic, women stain their lips with crushed precious stone, crushed insect and fish scale and they still look stylish and beautiful in their own time but now that cosmetic is  around us, which has blessed women folks with lip colour with various kind if mix you may want. Every woman is expected to learn the art if they want to add more to their beautiful lip. Proper lipstick selection and application techniques can be a bit of a chore. As a result, I find that some people avoid wearing lipsticks all together and stick to glosses or tinted lip balms.

1) Your Complexion should First Determine Your Lipstick Shades:

The best way to determine if a shade suits you is to try it out. Before buying a lipstick, be sure to ask for a tester. Don’t get carried away because of the current trend of lipstick, for the fact that some type of lipsticks are in vogue doen’t mean it will suit your completion.. Skin undertones commonly fall into the cool, neutral or warm types. Ladies with cool undertones looks much better when with pale lipstick shades, neutral undertones are lucky to be suited to most lipstick shades and lipsticks of deeper shades compliment ladies with warm undertones. You should use these rules only as a guide.

2) Don’t Forget to Exfoliate: 

The surface of your lip has dead skin that your need to remove before application of any lipstick because this ensure that you have a smooth surface to apply your lipstick and it will also improve your appearance. You can exfoliate your lips by brushing them gently with toothbrush. You can as well buy a store made lip scrub or make one at home using sugar, honey and some olive oil.

3) Moisturizing is the next thing to do:

If you have a dry lips, applying lipstick without first moisturizing it will not give that smooth surface.  Moisturize by using any good lip balm of your choice and let it sink in for about ten minutes. You should also wear some lip balm before you go to bed for general lip care.

4) Line Lips:

Lip liner will help you to prevent lipsticks from bleeding and extends its wear. Pair your lipstick with a lip liner shade that is similar to its colour. Line the border of your lips with short and light strokes. Be careful to use a steady hand so as not to go outside the border. If you do, clean up with a q-tip dipped in makeup remover and not your fingers

5) What Next? Fill in Lips:

When you’ve lined the border of your lips, it is optional to fill them in by applying the lip pencil all over your lips. Filling your lips with lipstick pencil will make it look nice and smooth base for you to apply your lipstick. Additionally, this helps keep your lipstick in place for longer period.

6) You Can Now Apply Your Lipstick:

Make sure to stay within the border of your lip liner during application. Use a lip brush for better application. Don’t forget to cover a bit of your inner lip, as leaving a gap can be quite unflattering when you smile. Apply as many coats as you are comfortable with, one after the other, giving each coat a few seconds to settle into the lip.

7) Gloss:

If you are a lip gloss lover, use one that is a similar color to your lipstick. I hardly ever use lip glosses though, as I prefer the matte look to the shiny look when it comes to lipstick. I also find that lip glosses significantly reduce the amount of time that my lipstick stays on.

8) Clean excess color:

Put your index finger in your mouth and gently close your lips around it before pulling it out. This gets rid of excess lipstick color, preventing those embarrassing teeth stains

9) Finally Conceal:

Apply concealer around the border of your mouth, to clean and brighten up the area. This makes your lipstick look flawless.
Follow the steps above and you will see a different you that is looking more beautiful, glamorous and elegant. Wearing lipstick is an act so go ahead and add glamour to your appearance. Love and Peace!

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