Ways to Say I Love You without Speaking a Word

Ways to Say I Love You without Speaking a Word

Ways to Say I Love You without Speaking a WordThere are several ways to say I love you without speaking a word, even though women are mostly moved by what they hear, there are certain gesture you can do that will make the require sound effect and she can hear it clearly.

The same thing apply to men, we all know that men are moved by what they see because they are of physical unlike women that are of emotional. Men easily spot any kind of gesture a woman makes to say I love you without speaking a word.

Let go ahead and see some of the ways to say I love you without speaking a word.

1. The use of eye contact: Action they say speak louder than voice, your eye conveys more messages that can’t be describe just with word of mouth. If you lock eyes with the other person’s eyes romantically, you’re telling and at the same time show that I love you without a word from your mouth. Looking people in the eyes allow them too to see what is on your eyes and also allow them to read what is on your mind. When you stare at someone romantically, automatically you’re sending love you messages to them and it can be easily noticed, thus bring out smiling from their faces.

2. Be fully present: when you’re around your lover at all time, giving him or her your undivided attention, it convey I love you words to the other person. Put away your unending work, switch off television and put aside anything that may cause you lose your attention on her, is a very strong I love you statement even without saying it out.

3. Use blow kisses to connect: Wherever you maybe, the use of blow kisses will always connect you with the people you love. It is a very strong sign that signify I love you that can’t be misinterpreted by anyone. If you don’t know what blow kisses is all about, please see the image on this post above, that is what is called blow kisses.

4. Giving hug: Hugging someone shows primarily two things, first, it shows that you love the person you hug and secondly, it show that you care and ready to support. [Read: Top 10 true love signs of relationship]

5. Get your lover a handmade gift: When there is nothing to be celebrating, you can use that period to buy him or her handmade gift. You don’t have to wait till holiday or birthday come before buying handmade gift. In doing that, you’ve already made strong statement that says I love you.

Others include but not limited to; making your lover laugh, kissing, cuddling, be a good listener and the rest of them which I may not mention here in this post.

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