6 Ways To Spice Up Foreplay

When it comes to sex, both parties should be able to enjoy being in the moment. However, a man can easily get an erection compared to a woman who may need a little more than just wanting sex. As a result, couples may need to incorporate foreplay which is instrumental in helping increase sexual excitement, especially for women, and to prepare the couples for the intercourse.

Ways To Spice Up Foreplay

For women, producing lubrication in the vagina is instrumental in creating comfortable intercourse making foreplay vital. And in addition, foreplay helps blood flow fast into the clitoris, which is key to getting an orgasm and achieving pleasure.

So, if your sex life has been boring lately, it might be time to find ways of sprucing foreplay with your partner. This article discusses the different ways that you can use to achieve spicy foreplay.

1. Use Sex Toys

Foreplay is vital in getting a woman to orgasm as it offers pleasure during sex. And although most people may associate adult toys with masturbation, they still play a vital role in foreplay. However, sex toys aren’t just guaranteed to create pleasure on their own but rather how you choose to use them.

For instance, you can choose lower settings on the toys and lighter touches to go with it for maximum pleasure. When using different sex toys, avoid focusing on one zone but cover different erogenous zones.

Try to deep dive into Sex Toys specific to foreplay, including feathery ticklers, floggers, and sensual massage candles. And when using sex toys, don’t be afraid to explore each other’s bodies as much as possible.

2. Begin Outside The Bedroom

One great way of spicing foreplay is by bringing it out of the bedroom. Exploring other places outside the bedroom can be anywhere that allows you to build upon passion and vulnerability.

In some instances, this means a steamy session on the couch to kick off the session for some couples. And for another couple, it may mean interactions during a dinner date or leaving romantic notes all over the house to get it started.

3. Sexting Before Meeting

Sexting is an amazing way of starting a conversation about sex where you end up painting your fantasies that can be acted out later and built upon the sexual urge. By sexting, you are giving yourself a chance to see your partner in a whole different light.

And by sexting, you’ll be able to know your partner’s turn-ons and fantasies. This level of communication allows one to be vulnerable and helps with confronting other parts and issues in your sex life.

Foreplay allows both you and your partner to feel like sexual beings, and sexting is vital in ensuring the erotic connection keeps going. And who knows, you may realize your partner’s different forms of creative expression.

4. Talk Dirty

One important aspect of sex is communication, and talking dirty allows things to get hot and heavy while continuing with dialogue. Dirty talk during sex helps you learn what your partner is comfortable with and what they love being done to them.

Talking dirty allows your partner to improve on what doesn’t work for you and where they need to focus their energy to get you aroused. All these things that dirty talk allows you to achieve will make foreplay more enjoyable for you.

5. Act Out A Fantasy

Ways To Spice Up Foreplay

Acting out a fantasy will be easier if you have already communicated about the type of fantasies you have and hope to act on. And although you may think you aren’t kinky, your brain may surprise you as it controls how you get turned on.

Sexual fantasies are vital in foreplay as they help you and your partners explore your sexuality in a safe space. And it is essential when renewing excitement for couples in long-term relationships who may be experiencing boredom in their sex life due to the same sexual routine. 

6. Cool Things

Cooling things can be achieved using ice which creates a different and unique sensation to your foreplay sessions. And to make it sexier, you can choose to place it in your mouth when kissing your partner or during oral sex.

Alternatively, you can use ice cream, which you place on your partner’s body and lick it off them. However, avoid placing them near the vagina when using food items as it may upset the pH level and lead to infections.

Bottom Line

Your foreplay sessions don’t have to be boring and routine anymore as you can finally spice them up. But before using the ways discussed, consider asking your partner what they are comfortable doing and how far you can go.

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