VLISCO African Women Award; Who Inspires You? Vote Now & Win

VLISCO African Women Award; Who Inspires You? Vote Now & Win

The 8th of March 2013 is International Women’s Day. Vlisco feels women should remain in the spotlight for longer than just one day and that’s why Vlisco celebrates Women’s Month: a tribute and award to West and Central Africa’s inspirational and successful women and those who dream of success.

Fashion Dream FundThe list of the nominee from 7 West and Central African are below and the country include; Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, Democratic Republic and Niger


Become a winner by voting for the women who inspires you the most. Prizes include VIP tickets to the BE YOUR DREAM award night and tailor made Vlisco dresses. Win fashionable prizes by voting now for the successful woman who inspires you to follow your dreams.

For more information on the deadline for voting in each of the country selected please click here

The nominees From Nigeria are:

1.  Haj. Amina Az-Zubair (Development Expert)

2. Eugenia Abu (Broadcaster)

3. Chimamanda Adichie (Writer)

4. Hon. Abike Dabiri Erewa (Legislator)

5. Joke Silver Jacobs (Actress)

This is not to campaign for any of the nominee above but just a little story about three of them

Hon. Abike Dabiri Erewa: Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa gave 15 years of praiseworthy service at the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) where she anchored the weekly NTA Newsline programme. She delighted millions of Nigerians with her warmth and successfully used television as a platform for drawing attention to the plight of those experiencing the pain of poverty and injustice. She now is a prominent legislator and chairs the House Committee of the National Assembly on the Diaspora.

Joke Silver Jacobs: Mrs. Joke Silva Jacobs, born in Lagos State, graduated from University of Lagos State and the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts London is an accomplished actress. She has starred in selected A rated movies within and outside Nigeria. Joke Silva has won several nominations and Awards in and outside Nigeria for her movies and soap operas. She is a role model for many young and aspiring actresses.

Chimamanda Adichie: One of the greatest female write of this generation

Click on any of the nominee above to vote, then fill in your name, surname, email address and then, tick I want to make a chance to win, tick agree on term and condition, then the new letter subscription is optional, if you like tick it, if you don’t want to receive their news letter, don’t tick it. Finally hit Vote

To vote nominee from Nigeria click here

The Nominee From Ghana Are:

1. Abena Amoah

2. Ellen Maama Hagan

3. Shirley Frimpong-Manso

4. Mawuena Trebarh

5. Constance Elizabeth Swaniker

To vote nominee from Ghana Click Here


The nominees From Ivory Coast (Coted’Voire) are:

1. Isabella Anoh

2. Ette Helene Yapo

3. Rosalie Botti Lou

4. Akissi Delta

To vote nominee from Ivory Coast click here


The Nominee From Togo Are:

1. Nadouvi Lawson Body

2. Adama Bacco

3. Sylvia Adjoa Aquereburu-Hundt

4.Candide Bamezon-Leguede

5. Yasmin Issaka-Coubageat

To vote nominee from Togo click here


The Nominee From Benin Republic Are:

1. Claire Houngan Ayemonna

2. Raïssa Gbejdi

3. Antoinette Sikira Moreira

To vote nominee from Benin Republic click here


The Nominee From Niger Are:

1. Raki Moussa

2. Cissé Fatchima Daddy Gao

3. Mariama Hima Yankori

4. Maidah Zeinabou

5. Barry Bibata Niandou

To vote nominee from Niger click here


The Nominee From Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are:

1. Elizabeth Lelo

2. Patricia Nzolantima

3. Marie Kazadi

4. Fifi Bashala

To vote nominee from DRC click here

For much more information and deadline for voting in each of the country selected please click here

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