International women’s Day Celebration With Vlisco Fashion

International women’s Day Celebration With Vlisco Fashion

Vlisco celebrates Women’s Month: a tribute and award to West and Central Africa’s inspirational and successful women. The 8th of March 2013 is International Women’s Day Celebration. Worldwide women are honoured and shown respect for their immense achievements. Vlisco feels women should remain in the spotlight for longer than just one day and in 2013 we celebrate inspiring women, throughout West and Central Africa, for one whole month.

Fashion Dream FundThe Vlisco Women’s Month theme is BE YOUR DREAM: because all the women of Africa have dreams. Dreams of a better place, a great life and the ambition and drive to realize these dreams. Vlisco wants to celebrate successful women who have made their dreams come true and has therefore selected several inspiring women as nominees to win the unique Vlisco Women’s Month BE YOUR DREAM award.

You also can become a winner by voting for the women who inspires you the most. Prizes include VIP tickets to the BE YOUR DREAM award night and tailor made Vlisco dresses.

The celebrations do not end there. Vlisco aims to support ambitious designers and tailors who have bigger dreams of success but need some support. By sending in a business plan of their dream, they have an opportunity to win funding to make their dream come true. Click here to be part of the winner of US$10,000, US$7,000 or US$5,000 for the support for three participants.



One woman’s achievement often inspires another women’s dream. Many women find great inspiration by witnessing others overcome their challenges and live their dreams. Therefore West and Central Africa’s most inspirational woman will be awarded the Vlisco Women’s Month BE YOUR DREAM award. Vlisco selected inspiring women as nominees in Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast, Niger, Ghana, Nigeria and DRC, to win the unique Vlisco Women’s Month BE YOUR DREAM award. The winner will be elected by the public, and will be revealed during a festive award night & fashion show at the end of March. Click here for how to go about the voting for Africa’s most inspirational woman, country specific.

During the whole month of March, everybody is invited to vote for the candidate that inspired them most at any Vlisco boutique, by SMS or on this website. Please check below to know where and until when you can vote. Voters can win tickets to the award night & fashion show and a tailor made dress of their choice, made in the latest Super-wax fabric.

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In Store Voting Until

Online Voting Until


22nd March, 2013 27th March, 2013


22nd March

29th March


22nd March

29th March


22nd March

4th April


22nd March

29th March


22nd March

28th March


22nd March

5th April

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