5 Unthreatening Places to Approach and Befriend Women

Let’s face it – not every guy has a huge social circle to dip into when it comes to meeting new women. Perhaps you’ve moved to a new town, far from family and friends, and online dating apps aren’t doing it for you. Should this signal the end of your dating life?

You will just need to perfect the art of knowing how to approach girls so that they’ll happily chat back and even exchange numbers with you.

While there’s tons of information online about perfecting pick-up lines, reading nonverbal cues, and so on, it doesn’t mean that all women are open to being approached out of the blue, anyplace, anytime. You risk coming off as a professional lurker waiting for his next prey. Worse still, it could leave the woman feeling objectified and vulnerable. What about bars and nightclubs? Well, women usually have their guard up at such places, and you could end up one of the many faceless Romeos clamoring for her attention.

So here are a few safe and unthreatening spots you could approach women at:

The Supermarket

Places to Approach and Befriend Women

Countless guys have had success chatting up girls whilst grocery shopping. It isn’t that difficult. Help her reach for something on a higher shelf. Or compliment her taste in those dark Belgian chocolates she picked out.

Another ace move is to stand right behind her in the check-out queue. Peek into her cart and tell her you’ve been meaning to sample the same decaf coffee. Ask for recommendations – you’ll see that grocery store talk flows free and easy. If she seems interested, suggest a coffee at a nearby kiosk or café outside.

Book Stores

Places to Approach and Befriend Women

Don’t let e-books and Kindle readers dissuade you from scouting book shops. You could meet your soulmate, a girl who still loves traditional print books, and of course, a guy who knows his literature.

Just like at the supermarket, you could comment on a book she is reading. I’ve known guys who did a quick smartphone search of the book the lady was browsing through, and then went on to engage in some serious conversation about the protagonist and the plot. Call it a devious trick if you might but all’s fair in love and war right? It’s also a cool story to tell your grandchildren!

Dogs and Parks

Places to Approach and Befriend Women

You’ll first need to figure out why the girl is at the park. Is it to walk her dog, to sit on a bench for some alone time, or for a quick jog? Consider approaching her from the opposite direction and make eye contact. If she smiles back, say “Hi”, and ask if she’s from around, how often she stops by. On a hot day, suggest grabbing a smoothie at the park refreshment stand.

If the girl you fancy is a regular who squeals in delight at frolicking pups, it’s time for some planning. Borrow a friend’s pooch (the cuter, the better) and hang around in her vicinity. Dogs allow for effortless conversation, and who knows this better than pet owners!

Traveler Hostels

Places to Approach and Befriend Women

Ask any traveler worth their salt where they’ve had maximum luck meeting interesting, open-minded women, and they’ll let you into a traveler secret – the action is usually where the traveler hostels are. Why? Mixed dorms are pretty much empty during the day when everyone’s out sightseeing, affording you some much-needed privacy.

Moreover, you’ll never need pick-up lines as verbal crutches when it comes to fellow travelers. Conversation flows – talk about hometowns, nationalities, languages you speak, continents visited, the list is endless.

Cooking Class

Approach and Befriend Women

Women are likely to outnumber men at a cooking class, and you’ll have all the ladies gushing over you. Impress them with your culinary knowledge. Watch tutorials on chopping veggies like a pro, learn kitchen hacks, and you’ll soon be exchanging phone numbers with the ladies.

Remember, don’t reduce approaching women to sex, victory and defeat, and definitely don’t lose heart if a girl you approach is happy to be friends but not romantic partners. The art of approaching and befriending complete strangers will help you gain confidence, handle rejection like a sport, and make friends that could bring new meaning to your life.

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