Unjustified Reasons Why Men Lie In Relationship

Unjustified Reasons Why Men Lie In Relationship

Let me start here by asking you this good question, have you ever been lied to by your man, your boyfriend and or your husband? I know the answer is obvious, but I can never say exactly what your answer could be. It is possible that your guy is so honest, that everything he says to you is nothing but the truth.

Unjustified Reasons Why Men Lie In RelationshipBut the fact is that, men lie, big fat lie but they are not as much skillful as women, don’t take it personal, women know how to package lie that men can never decode unless the women themselves made it known to men. Please do read what women lie about that you should not believe.

First, why do men tell lie? Is it that women hate the truth and love lie or lie is just natural part of men’s life?

One thing is sure, the way any woman present herself to a man do determine how the man treat her. Honestly, I have been there and I have seen it happened and still happening everywhere around the world today.

Some men are truthful when the relationship is about getting started, but when it has fully grown, there experience with the women they are in relationship with change everything about the way they see lie.

Here is why?

When men tell the truth which sometimes, is not sweet to the hearing of their women, they get into trouble in return. Although it may not have been a good act or behaviour from the men but the fact that they say it as they feel get them into so many discomfort with their women and so, in order to avoid getting into trouble with their women every time they do something their women will frown at or misbehave, they resulted to telling lie. Gradually and gradually, it becomes part of their life.

Seriously, so many of these lies go unrevealed because, if the truth is known about them, it might jeopardize the success of their relationship.

Men don’t want to hurt your feelings

If you are the type of woman that gets upset and started acting drama when he tells you the truth, then, you’re teaching him to tell you what you want to hear so as to avoid your drama and not to get you upset.

So, men begin to tell you what exactly you want to hear so as not to hurt your feelings and that save men the trouble of the day that might come from their women.

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