Types Of Acne Skin & Acne Treatment Options

To be able to get rid of acne scar, you need to know the right acne treatment options that will help yours to fade away. Acne and pimples normally heal after some time, but the scars they leave make the skin look ugly and unappealing.

Acne scarring is caused by brutal acne. There are different types of acne scars. They vary in type and depth. In the same way, there are different types of acne scar treatment. The acne treatment options to be used depends on the cause and the type of acne scar the individual has.

Ice Pick acne Scars

Ice pick scars are very wide and open pores on the skin. They are thin and deep marks that move beyond the uppermost layer of the skin.

Ice pick scars are in reality the types of pores that you develop when acne infections reach the surface of the skin and results in the destruction of the skin tissue on its course.

acne treatment options
acne treatment options

These are usually found in the locations where the acne appears to break out more regularly. Ice pick scars are atrophic in nature and may as well occur when you pick on the blackheads and whiteheads of your acne. They can either be squashy or tough or have an affinity to overcome the cheek area.

Boxcar acne Scars

Boxcar acne scars are broader than the ice pick scars and are atrophic in nature. They emerge after a brutal acne breakout and inflammation, which spoils the skin collagen. The damage caused by the skin tissue results in the potholed look of boxcar scarring.

Rolling Scars

Rolling scars are hypertrophic scars that look wave-like. These scars roll in broad and thin rows over the skin. When there are skin infections on the skin, the subcutaneous tissue of the skin forms tough bands of tissue, which twists down the outer layer of the skin.

Owing to this, the epidermis which is the natural smooth surface of the skin forms grooves that appear like they are rolling over the skin.

Owing to this, the epidermis which is the natural smooth surface of the skin forms grooves that appear like they are rolling over the skin.

Acne is one of the regular causes of scars. Scars ruin the skin texture of an individual and also their confidence.

See below some acne treatment options:


Dermabrasion is an acne treatment options that involves the elimination of the topmost layer of the skin. Dermabrasion treatment is as well referred to as abrasion and is a very painful treatment that requires anesthesia.

The practitioner uses a high-speed skirmish to blow off the uppermost layer of the epidermis of the skin.

Dermabrasion is an efficient technique, which is highly useful for the treatment of shallow scars that are raised above the surrounding skin. This treatment is not efficient for the treatment of deep-set scars.

Laser acne treatment options

Laser iv treatment is one of the prominent options for boosting the appearance of the rough-looking skin surface. Carbon dioxide lasers are frequently utilized for lightening skin discolorations and smooth scars.

The laser acne treatment options are as well essential to the restoration of the skin that is damaged by the sun, wrinkles and aging skin. Even though laser acne therapy offers instant results, it may have a few serious side effects like redness, superficial burns, and overstated acne that may take quite a lot of weeks to heal.

Punch acne treatment options

Doctors treat deep acne scars like the ice pick and boxcar scars with a treatment referred to as the punch technique. This technique involves cosmetic surgery on the individual with the use of equipment referred to as punch tool. The punch tool takes away the scar from the skin.

While it may be a great treatment for deep scars, it in turn results to minor scars on the skin. The resultant scars are afterward enhanced with the use of other scar removing methods like laser therapy or microdermabrasion.

Medications Drugs

Specific acne scars don’t react well to surgery and other invasive cosmetic procedures. This is due to the fact that activating the skin surface frequently boosts the formation of additional acne and scars.

Because of this, a lot of dermatologists recommend topical retinoid creams or steroid drugs for acne treatment options of scars like that.

What to do if your scar persists after exploring different acne treatment options

Every individual is unique and may not respond in the same manner with other individuals that were given similar treatments.

Therefore, it is suggested that you make use of safe treatment methods to make sure you have a quick and speedy recovery. Your skin is one of the essential organs of your body, and you must be careful not to damage it.

With this in mind, different panels of experts have discovered an effective formula that has the ideal blend of safe and effective ingredients. Making use of natural Scar removal cream helps individuals with the opportunity to take away unpleasant scars without causing any damage to the skin.

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