Types Of Relationships To Consider If The Traditional Kind Doesn’t Appeal To You

There are numerous types of relationships out there; only monogamous relationships are the most known. With the world becoming more progressive, accepting difference and individuality more than ever before, monogamous relationships are not the only pairings to consider anymore.

Types Of Relationships To Consider

So if the traditional relationship dynamics don’t appeal to you, you could consider one of these relationships that are each unique in their own way. These are not the only unique types of relationships, although they are the more commonly known.

Casual Relationships

Casual relationships are perfect for anyone searching for a partner without any drama or strings attached to traditional pairings. The pairing details are generally determined by the partners involved, as some casual partners prefer monogamy.

In contrast, others aren’t concerned with their partner seeing others, which is usually the case. If you are searching for a casual relationship, you can find dating sites that specifically list profiles of individuals who are also searching for casual encounters.

A quick online search for casual sex in Montreal or your area will help you find the most suitable dating platform or app. With that said, always be sure to use safe online dating measures when using any online dating app or platform to stay safe.

Polyamorous Relationships

Polyamorous relationships are growingly popular, as more individuals realize they aren’t searching for one perfect partner, and the idea of having more than one partner is a more appealing dynamic.

Polyamorous relationships can be serious, and they can consist of one man and multiple women, one woman and multiple men, or a mix of numerous men and women.

The key for this type of relationship to work is that all partners must be polyamorous, as the dynamic wouldn’t work if even one partner holds onto the dynamics of traditional pairings.

Open Relationships

Open relationships are different from polyamorous relationships as even though this dynamic refers to having more than one partner, all partners are not involved with one another. Therefore, each partner in the open relationship is free to seek additional partners without strings attached.

These relationships work for individuals who are not fond of strict commitment relationship environments. They are open to allowing their partners to be free to socialize and seek out other partners without experiencing jealousy.

With that said, even open relationships can be serious as countless married couples consider their relationships “open,” regardless of their marital contract.

Long-Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships can be open-relationships, polyamorous, or monogamous. The defining aspect of this type of relationship is that partners live pretty far from one another, as one could live in Europe while the other could live in South America.

This type of relationship can be challenging for some individuals, although they are ideally suited for individuals who want a relationship without feeling suffocated by their partner. They are also ideal for a-sexual individuals and aromantic individuals who generally require less from a relationship than the general norm suggests.

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