How To Tow Your Family’s Trailer With Ease

If you have never towed a trailer before you may be feeling apprehensive about it. This is perfectly normal. Towing a trailer can seem quite hard, but there are ways for you to make it easier on yourself. Here’s how:

Tow Family Trailer With Ease

Ask For Help

One of the hardest parts of towing a trailer is not actually the towing process. The hardest part is backing up onto a trailer.

Have someone help you to back up toward your trailer. Remember to use your mirrors and don’t be afraid to adjust them, should you need to.

Make your life a little easier by using taking your time to back up. If you rush you’re less likely to be successful.

Once you’ve hit the right spot, your helper can attach your trailer to the best fifth wheel hitch and you’ll be good to go.

Know How Much Your Axle Will Carry

Knowing how much your axle will carry is hugely important.

Some axles will carry less than 4,000 pounds, others will carry 6,000 pounds.

Don’t forget to factor in the weight of your cargo, trailer, and passengers.

Be Sure The Trailer And Your Vehicle Can Work Together

The last thing you want to do is to discover that your trailer cannot be hooked up to your vehicle. Here’s how you can make sure they can work together:

  • Determine what the tongue weight is
  • If the tongue weight is less than 10% of the weight of a fully-loaded trailer you could have problems
  • If the weight on the tongue is more than 15% of the total trailer weight, the tires may be affected

Make sure you know how much weight the tongue weight is and work with that. If you’re unsure about the tongue weight contact the manufacturer as they could help you.

Place Heavy Cargo Near The Front

When towing your family’s trailer it’s important that the cargo is kept safe. Place heavy cargo near the front as this can help to prevent the trailer from swaying.

Always Check The Tires

Before you load your trailer be sure to check the trailer’s tire pressure. You should also check the tires on your vehicle.

Always meet the tire’s specifications that have been set out by the manufacturer. Too little air can cause issues as can too much air.

The tire pressure label that details the relevant information can typically be found on the driver’s side of the frame. This is the information that relates to your trailer’s tires.

Also, take a look at the speed rating for your tires as well as your vehicle.

Finally, make sure that you have some spare tires with you as a backup. Be sure to check the pressure and speed rating on those too.

Use these tips to help you to tow your family’s trailer with ease. It’s important that you keep your trailer and its contents safe at all times. The above tips can help you to do just that.

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