Three Signs Your Partner May be Cheating

The one thing that most people dread finding out is that their beloved partner has been cheating on them. Not only does this destroy life as they know it but it also affects their trust in people and makes them feel betrayed, unloved, and disrespected.

Signs Your Partner May be CheatingWhile hearing that your partner has been cheating is never good, one thing that some people find even worse is suspecting they are cheating but not being sure. Being stuck in this type of limbo can be soul destroying for the partner that is being cheated on.

There are some signs that could help you to determine whether your partner is likely to be cheating or not. It is not worth losing trust in your partner unless you are pretty sure there is something going on, as many people have made mistakes in the past and relationships have been destroyed as a result. This is why it is worth looking at some key signs that could indicate your partner is cheating.

What are the signs?

 One of the signs that can indicate your partner is up to something is if he or she starts receiving a lot of calls that they are very cagey about taking in front of you. If the number of calls your partner makes or receives has suddenly increased quite dramatically for no apparent reason, there could be something wrong.

One thing you can do is ask who has called and see what your partner says. You can then go online to find out whether they were telling you the truth. There are facilities online that allow you to do an address lookup online as well as a reverse phone lookup.

With the latter, you can find out who it actually was that called your partner and see whether they were telling you the truth when you asked.

Another sign your partner may be cheating is if they start going out a lot more than they used to with no real explanation. If they do not invite you along and say they are going out with certain friends or family members, check out your social media sites.

Generally, most couples have at least some of the same friends and family in their social media circles so you may be able to tell what the person who your partner claims to be going out with is actually doing that evening. If they are sat at home with their own partner watching a movie, you know that you have been lied to.

Finally, checking your partner’s social media is another way of finding out whether they are having an affair. Many people that cheat will use instant messaging on social media to contact the person they are seeing.

If you find that your partner has suddenly and cagily started using social media a lot more, this could be an indicator. If they forget to log out, you can actually check the messages to see who they have been messaging and what they have said.

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