What Next To Do Once You’ve Attracted Her

What Next To Do Once You’ve Attracted Her

Knowing how to attract women and know how to keep her attracted and remain her interest in you is two different things. Attracting any woman is to show or demonstrate higher value and make her feel the attraction’s pulling towards you.

Yes, this will really help you to attract her especially beautiful looking woman, because they can easily brush you aside if you don’t have or show them you’re of higher value. They will not just only brush you aside, they will also cast your compliments on the heap and make you feel you’re nothing, and then, they will enjoy the ego rush your attention give them and show no respect for you.

What Next To Do Once You’ve Attracted HerSome will even act insulted when a guy compliment them, they will look at you as something they just scratch off their shoes, toes their eyes around and laugh you off, but you can imagine how shameful you’ll feel as a guy when a woman does this to you.

…that will happen when you don’t demonstrate higher value in trying to attract her…

If you want to keep her after you might have attracted her, demonstrating higher value is not going to help you to achieve that.

What you need to do to achieve that is to become unpredictable to her. Not in term of doing something weird that’s condemnable but not letting her predict exactly this is how you’ll behave in a particular situation.

Why being unpredictable will help you?

It will help you because; you’re not going to be too much familiar with her. As they say

…familiarity breeds contempt…

I’m not saying you should play game with woman emotion when she’s in relationship with you, but the combination of funny, hard-hitting, cocky, teasing, and sweet and loving will ever endear her to you.

You see, when you become unpredictable, it keeps your value high and that is one of the reasons why diamond is higher in value than rock, because diamond is scarce and you can easily found rock.

She will love it because she is going to be excited and her interest will be getting stronger, expecting to hear new things from you as she never knows how she’s going to feel when you drop the bomb again.

Being comfort and too much familiarity with her will make things boring, but when you’re unpredictable, you create a variety and you know what, variety is the spice of life.

On a final note here; the more committed both of you are in the romantic relationship, the more you can let her feel of your sweet romantic side, but it is always good to retain your toughness for let say about 40% and bring it out to make things varied which will help to keep the spark of the relationship alive.

As Jennifer Lopez said in one on her song; “I want a tough guy with a heart of gold.”

Jennifer has said it all and that is the viewpoint of many gorgeous sexy looking women.

They don’t want guys who will adore them and follow them around begging for their love. [Read; How To Earn Her Attraction And Retain Her Respect And Interest In You]

They want someone who is a great challenge to them, who can be hard on them when it is appropriate and who can also be soft and sweet as well, that make it spicy, exciting and interesting.

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