7 Texts to Tell Your Crush You Care

Texting is perhaps the most effective form of communication in relationships today. Many people use texts to successfully build and grow their relationships.

Texts to Tell Your Crush You Care

There comes a time in life when you have a burning desire to be with someone you admire immensely. Perhaps you’ve gotten used to them, and now you feel a certain attraction that was never there before.

We don’t really know how to describe this feeling, so it has been named a crush. But there is something more to it than just the mere attraction. You feel like your life would be so much better with this person in it.

So, how do you tell this person you love them?

Those who’ve had a crush on a girl know it’s one of the most exciting yet frightening feelings. You are always happy to see them, and yet the thought of confessing this send chills you’re your spine.

Sometimes it’s even hard to determine whether you really have a crush on this person or not. It could be your best friend, the one you have grown up with. And now you feel more than mere friendship for her.

What happens is that you want to let this person know. This is where things can become complicated.

Send her a text, or call her? Definitely, a text!

The best thing about texting your crush is that you can compose your message, read it through, and then send it only when you are satisfied. You should never be too nervous about finding the right words.

However, many people may not know what to say to the girl they like. And this is why we are here.

You will learn how to text girls and get some great message ideas that are effective in this type of communication.

Everyone expresses love differently. It could be that you knew from the first encounter that she was the one, or you have been with her for long, and now the feelings have escalated.

Whatever the case may be, you can use these seven texts to tell your crush that you care. Girls love to feel special, and this is the one secret that effective texters use to get them.

These texts are meant to let her know you care, but aren’t quite ready to open the full package with the four-letter-L-word yet.

1. I like it a lot when you text me every day. I feel special and cared for

Assuming that you have had her number for a while and you have been chatting, it could be a great idea to start with some appreciation.

If she texts you about your day, perhaps to wish you success in the important exam you are about to sit, you may want to take it from there.

Telling her about the texts you love receiving from her shows that you care what she feels toward you. It could be something as simple as: “I like the way you respond quickly to my texts.”

Everyone loves receiving caring messages. But the case of your crush is different.

You are very lucky is she has been texting you even when you haven’t texted her. This is something you can never take for granted.

You can also use some ideas from how she responds to your social media posts. For instance, if she likes your photos, tell her how it makes you feel.

The aim here is to encourage her to continue doing the same. Consider also that this is a message you send to initiate a conversation that may end up with the big confession.

This message works mostly because we all love being appreciated. And there is no better way of expressing your feelings than by referring to something that has already happened.

Besides, this text is neutral. It’s not innately sexy or suggestive, neither is it too dull. Her response will give you a clue about how she feels. And then you can steer the conversation wherever you want it to go.

However, do not use this as a conversation starter. Find something more about her to begin with before bringing in this topic. It will help you grow seamlessly.

2. I’ve been bragging about how special you are to my coworkers today

This is another way of telling her you are in love without spilling it out directly. How do you feel when someone says they have been thinking about you? It will definitely stir something in your heart. And that is the effect you want the girl to get when she reads your message.

Everyone enjoys the feeling of being loved, especially girls. It feels like a hole in their hearts that shines brightly whenever she thinks about you.

Now this message will work because it is more about her than it is about you. It’s not common that a person brags about someone else to others, which makes this message a special case.

Whether you brag to your dad, your friends, or post it on social media, you are simply expressing how excited you are that you have her in your life. It is also a great way of getting to know her better.

Another reason why this text usually works is that it triggers a certain response. You can anticipate her reaction, allowing you to plan what you should be saying next.

She may respond by saying, “Wow! I like how much you care about me.” Or it could be something else along these lines.

The point is, she will be excited to know you are proud of having her in your life.

If someone knows they hold a special place in your life, it gives them a sense of pride. You can use this message to stir up that pride in her.

Of course, your main aim should be getting a date with her. So, as you start this conversation, try to find out if she would like to grab a bite with you so the two of you can talk more in person.

3. Been thinking about you all day. Hope your day is going well

Now, who does not like the fact that someone else is thinking about them? This is a sweet check-in message that lets your crush know you care.

Even if she doesn’t like any other message, this one alone will get her smiling. She will start imagining what you are doing that very moment, that you still have time to think about her.

Besides, there is no better way of telling someone you care about them than having them in your mind all day. It is even better when you can afford to send this message every day at specific times, so she knows how much she can count on you.

This message will get you where you want to be because it triggers a certain reaction.

She can respond with something like, “Thank you very much, my day is great. What about you?” With this, you are ready to take the conversation to the next level.

If the girl likes you too, she can even narrate some events in her day, which you can take advantage of to offer solutions to eventual problems she may be having.

If you aren’t sure how she will react, try framing this question as a side joke or just something sweet you want to say to her.

Whatever the case may be, you will have drawn her attention to something big, and she will open up to the warmth.

It is always good to let someone know you care about them. Sending a thoughtful message like this creates a positive mood, which you can use to understand her better.

4. I love hanging out with you a lot, and it makes me happier the more I get to know you

When it comes to letting your crush know that you care, there are certain things you should never do directly. For instance, it is not right to rip your heart from your chest and give it to her.

Sending a message like “I love you with all of my heart, every second and day of my life” may be a bit overwhelming. There are some people who feel that love is exaggerated.

It could be that your crush has not dated very much. Or that they like taking their time dating, gradually learning more about the other person.

Expressing how much fun you have when you are with them or how excited you feel when you see them is a polite way of expressing that love.

Note that this text is not too direct, and it’s not too dark either. If she is smart enough, she will read between the lines and know the feelings you have toward her.

It is always great when someone says they love spending time with you. It means you have a special place in their hearts, and they will do anything to see you happy.

It bears repeating that girls love feeling special and cared for. This is one of those texts which evoke that special feeling in them.

However, you should only send this message if you have been hanging out with her. It’s not a good idea to tell her this if you just got her number, and you’re looking forward to knowing her better.

If you’re always happy to be with her, she will probably feel happy too. So, when it’s your best friend or someone you have known for some time, this is a good message to let them know you care.

5. Being with you makes me a better person

Each one of us has a sappy side. Therefore, sharing how much your crush means in your life and how lucky you are to have her can strike the perfect balance between love and friendship.

Best friends should already understand what it means to receive such a text. They will probably say they feel the same.

Nevertheless, effective texters know how to add emotions to their texts. Emotions can be interpreted differently, but it’s always the best way to express how you feel.

It’s not every day that you find someone who wants to be with you or who enjoys being around you. Sending a message like this transmits love and sentiment.

If you are looking for a date, this next one is a good text to get you one.

6. I just saw the photo you uploaded, and you’re looking as lovely as ever

Social media has made things easy for us. It’s a place you can go to when you want to meet new friends. We all love posting photos on these sites and enjoy it when someone likes them.

Complimenting a photo you saw of her can be a great way of letting her know you care. For this to work, make sure she has actually uploaded one, and that you have seen it.

Girls love compliments, not only about their appearance but about how they make you feel. You can let her know how you feel about her through a text like this without being too direct.

This text will also get you a direct response, which is a good way of keeping in touch with your fling.

7. I was thinking about *memory* today, and it brought a smile to my face

Is there something you did together that looked silly and yet exciting? It could be a great way of helping her access those memories and the fact you remember shows her you care. Perhaps you were too nervous to ask for her number for months.

Such memories show that you cherish every moment you spend with her, and you want to let her know about this.

Bringing back memories of things you did together shows affection. There is nothing better than cherished memories in a relationship.


Loving someone is a great feeling. And it’s even better when you can find a way of letting them know. These seven texts will stir up strong feelings in your crush and will set you on the best course possible to solidify the relationship between the two of you.

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