Some Cute Words Ladies love to hear when in a Relationship

In relationships, there are often certain things or words ladies love to hear from their partners.

Most women are known to be chatter boxes and as such, they also expect their partners should be the same.

The words ladies love to hear are very common and used a lot in relationships.

At times, men might wonder what women really want as it is sometimes hard to understand women and why they do certain things.

It is therefore good if men all over the world know these words ladies love to hear so they can use them often in order to make them happy.

Those cute words are:

You look beautiful:

Ladies love to hear this a lot. If they dress up and you as a guy do not compliment them on how they look, they would not feel happy at all. If they are in a relationship with you, they cherish any nice word that comes out of your mouth if it relates to them.

If you tell the lady you are dating that she looks beautiful; you have just made her day. She can think about this one thought for the rest of her day and that alone can make her smile throughout that day.

If that is the only nice thing you say to her that day, she is content.

I love you:

Some Cute Words Ladies love to hear when in a Relationship

Ladies love to express themselves when they are in love and they also expect guys to be like that. Some guys find it hard doing this and end up not making their partners totally happy with them.

This three letter words ladies love to hear works like magic and I think men have taken them for granted by having sugar coated mouths.

Some men feel saying these words a few times is enough but they fail to realize that a woman wants to always hear them say it despite the fact that they have heard it from them before.

How else can you show your girl you love her if you cannot say those words to her?

You mean the world to me:

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One thing about ladies is that they are moved by the things they hear and also by actions. So if their partner tells them how much they mean to them, they would be the happiest women on earth.

A woman can do almost anything for the man she loves as long as she knows that that man loves her back in return.

When she hears such sweet words from her partner, it sounds like nice music to the ears which can make her love you whole heartedly.

You are the best thing that ever happened to me:

This is one of the cute words ladies love to hear and as long as a man means them when he says it, that’s all that matters to her.

A woman likes to feel important and the things her partner tells her is just enough to make her feel on top of the world.

Telling her this would make her feel she is cherished more than any other woman in the world and she would also feel that she is held of high esteem by you.

I bless the day I found you:

Every lady wants to hear the man she loves say this to her. When she hears this, it makes her nostalgic and makes her think back to how she actually met him.

This is so romantic and it brings back lovely memories that cannot be forgotten.

I’ll always be there for you:

Some Cute Words Ladies love to hear when in a Relationship (3)

Every woman wants to feel protected and also wants to be rest assured that her partner will be there for her at all times.

Aside wanting to feel this way, having to actually hear him say these words is comforting.

It gives her a soothing calm and this belief that nothing bad can happen to her.

It makes her love you more and also makes her see you in a whole new different light.

Men should know that women love to be pampered and how can they be pampered? By telling them those words they love to hear and by actually meaning them from the bottom of your hearts.

Be real guys!

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