Tell-Tale Signs You’re Being Taken For Granted in Your Relationship

Tell-Tale Signs You’re Being Taken For Granted in Your Relationship

Nobody loves to be taken for granted but the funny part of this is that, some people do take others for granted whereas they don’t want to be taken for granted. It is the kind of world we are living and we should learn to do to others what we can accept and when such thing is being done to us, we should gladly accept it.

Tell-Tale Signs You’re Being Taken For Granted in Your RelationshipIn relationship, anyone taking his or her partner for granted will never experiences the true meaning of being in relationship. The romantic desire can be easily eroded once partner fail to acknowledge his or her partner’s effort in trying to make the relationship work.

And for you not to be taken for granted and end up miserable and useless in the relationship, even if you’re the one who is more giving and showing greater love in the relationship, you’ll need to be an observant with these tell-tale signs of being taken for granted.

If one thing is acceptable for your partner but when it’s you, it’s no go area

This is a situation where, when you do something, your partner is never happy about it, but when the same thing is done by him, it is very ok, no complain. You’re being taken for granted and such issue need to be discussed. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander, so why will something acceptable for him when it’s coming from his side but never acceptable when it’s coming on your side.

If your partner stop appreciating your or he’s never reciprocating good gesture

There’re things you do maybe at the beginning of your relationship and whenever you do such thing, you’re always being appreciated and there’s no any good gesture from you that your partner never reciprocated. But now, when you call, your partner never calls back or text back even when you know that he/she is not busy. Don’t you think you’re being taken for granted?

You’re not being appreciated in the relationship anymore and that make you feel used and disrespected because your sacrifice for the relationship don’t count anymore. You’re just being ignored for your good deeds, and only when such partner needs something from you, that he/she remembers to appreciate your effort. My dear, you’re being taken from granted and you have to iron it out with your partner now or never. [Read; How to make your girlfriend feel appreciated]

The blame is always on any of your mistake

When you try harder and ensure you please your partner and treat him/her very well with love and affection but your partner seems to be blinded and allow your good deeds to goes unnoticed even when it’s very clear for anyone to see. But whenever you make any single mistake, that’s what your partner will always remember and use it as a point of reference whenever you have issues. You’re just being taken for granted and you need to address this issue, else your relationship might not go well as you’ve always wanted.

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  1. nana Firdausi farouk

    I have a boyfriend we plan to get married but he already has a girl friend before we met, and he love me so much, he don’t want to leave that girl am so confuse or should i just give up the love i had for him, is to hard to start

    1. Ask him who he’ll like to spend the rest of his life with. If he chose you, tell him to let go the other girl but if he chose the other girl, please end your relationship with him and make yourself available for other guys to approach

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